What are the NCR Answers in Freeside *spoilers*

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G.I. Blues

Optional quest is to find out why NCR are squatting in Freeside. My barter is not high enough, so I was wondering if anyone knew the answers

Like one of the questions is what animal is on the flag, etc
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The important dude is tandi, the capital is sady sands and the logo is a 2 headed
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Ah thanks a lot dude for being so quick with the answers

I was almost certain it was Kimball, in fact I googled and found wiki fallout 3 said he was the President, but I guess not. And I also found the answer to the flag. Thanks for confirming

I have been playing this game non-stop for days....
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*shady sands
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No worries dude

Yeah same it's taking over my life lol
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Hey I went and did that and now I have to figure out what is going on with the locals at night, someone is handing out free food and drink. The cursor tells me to go talk to Elizabeth Kieran, I guess. I used the password, got in, but she doesn't want to say a word about the topic.

I wanted until night, around 1AM, but I haven't caught anyone handing out food or anything

What is supposed to happen?
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still can't complete the optional quest after this one :/