How do YOU kill a Deathclaw?

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6 years ago#21
Why do people think Hardcore mode = Difficulty?
The only thing that effects combat at all is stimpacks are not instant.
Hardcore mode =/= harder. I barely notice it.
I'm playing on Very Hard and Hardcore. Now that's a real man's playmode.
GT: Fox122
6 years ago#22
I went up to Sloan and did not heed the advice of the miners so that I could go see what a Deathclaw was (I haven't played any Fallout games before) and a young one attacked me. I was at Level 3, or so, and totally would have died had I not backed myself into some safe spot in between some rocks and as much as the Deathclaw leaped at me, it couldn't reach me. Then I just fired until he was dead, as he was right in front of me with VATS at 95% at all times. I believe this is called "dumb luck."

It was creepy, and I left that area and went back to the main quest. I'll head back, eventually, maybe? I really just wanted that cook to make me an omelette at Sloan...
6 years ago#23
Rub his belly, Ernie, rub his belly!

That's how you defeat deathclaws. They become putty in your hands if you can rub your belly. Getting close to do it, that's the tricky part.
I just shoot them in the face repeatedly. If I have a Winchester, and they have a face, I'll win.
6 years ago#24
I am also on the part where you have to get into the mine, and it has frustrated me so much that I just had to create an account here so I could ask people for advice on killing them! I played FO3 all the time, and Deathclaws were no problem, but in New Vegas they are nearly invincible super creatures. It doesn't matter what I do, but they are always so insanely powerful I stand no chance against them. My character is level 10, I have the difficulty set for Very Easy just to try and take these guys out, and I am using the Sturdy Caravan Shotgun with the Shotgun Surgeon perk and it still takes AT LEAST 15-20 Shots to kill them. As you can imagine, they kill me before I'm able to get that many off. Even at the easiest difficulty, they are killing me in just 5 hits (I'm wearing the leather armor with metal pieces).

There has got to be a better way to deal with these guys.
6 years ago#25
Oh, and one more thing... I have tried aiming for their legs to try and cripple one, but even 4 shots in VATS from the Sturdy Caravan Shotgun and another 3 or 4 outside of VATS and its leg still has a full health bar.
6 years ago#26

=/= != !=
6 years ago#27
I saved my missles/nukes for them back in FO3.
"Ninja Gaiden: So hard that it kills your friends" - Penny Arcade
6 years ago#28
go level up somemore and come back. Deathclaws are not supposed to be easy.

Best thing about NV next to the better writting is that Fallout is actually challenging again.
6 years ago#29
For all those recommending the dart gun, I'm fairly certain it is not in FNV.
6 years ago#30
With kindness.
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