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Boomer VR Pods

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6 years ago#1
Can you get inside the pods/get the password for them? I'm idolized but still nothing.
6 years ago#2
I had a speech skill option that had someone give me the code, but I had to open up an old save and lost/forgot how I did it.
6 years ago#3
Who did you go to? I walked out of the hanger and realized i forgot who i had to talk to..
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6 years ago#4
Bump come on
Gt: Graverobber13 (Penguins 90-91, 91-92, 08-09)
Steelers only team in the NFL to have 6 rings!
6 years ago#5
You get the codes from Loyal, the old guy who has you fix the solar arrays. I think your speech skill has to be 50.
6 years ago#6
Just checked the thing with the G.E.C.K.

The pod is a dummy.
Succeeding Loyal's speech test only gets him to tell you that they are VR Training pods, not use them.
All conversations regarding the code have only one outcome "pod is for boomers only"

In the G.E.C.K. the pod is stored as "NellisTLpod01"

It has this script
begin onActivate

if ( isActionRef player == 1 )
set vfreeformnellis.iVRPods to 1
showmessage NellisVRPodMsg

The condition is pretty much "Check if activator is player"
If true show message
the message being the "need code" message.

Removing everything and just leaving activate results in nothing happening when you load it up and hit it in game.
I think the designers originally wanted a flight-sim mini-game but cut it for whatever reason (time/money/effort).
They just left it in there because it took too much effort to take out.

TL:DR: The Pod Is A Lie!
6 years ago#7
Hopeful for some kind of silly DLC!
6 years ago#8
I asked loyal for the vr access code he said
No. my speech check passed, saying something about how I'm really interested in the history. He said ok but I never got any codes... Bummer

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