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Vault 22 keycard

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6 years ago#1
I have read the limited posts on this topic. Is it not supposed to be in the crew quarters? 1st door on right? I've checked ALL of the rooms in the crew quarters over and over and over. I still have not found this damn keycard. Is this a bug? Is anyone else having this issue?
6 years ago#2
i would also like to know.
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6 years ago#3
The card is on the shelf, above a stack of papers I believe. First door on your left, in the crew hallway.
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6 years ago#4
I seriously think this may be a bug. The keycard simply does not exist in my game
6 years ago#5
First door on the left. It's either the room with the baby carriage and Spore Carrier Runt, or right after that.
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6 years ago#6
I never did find that keycard. But if you repair the elevator you dont need it. The elevator take you to the same room the door that requires the keycard does
6 years ago#7
I got it!
I had the same problem. It's a glitch. I was searching and I couldn't see anything - The room with the pram thing in it to the right is the room btw. Anyway - I would see nothing on the shelf but scrap metal and other pointless objects but above the papers there's an iron and I just started throwing things - you know how you can pick them up and move them? Anyway, things started to appear i.e a teddy bear, purified water, and above the stack of papers which was still nowhere to be seen, I could pick up the keycard. It's still invisible BUT it says you can pick it up. So Just click it and away you go!!
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