Should i just kill Caesar? (SPOILERS!!)

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6 years ago#1
So this is what i have done,

Upgraded ALL Securitons to MK II in the vault,
Destroyed Mr House, Yes Man made me in charge,
Did like 1 or 2 Caesar Missions (He wants me to destroy a BoS bunker now.)

But i like BoS and NCR, and doing Caesar missions made me lose some NCR fame, so if i just outright proceed to rape Caesar's camp with ED-E and Boone, and a whole load of Flamer Fuel, is it advisable? I don't like the way Caesar operates anyway, just wondering if i will miss out on good XP or stuff.
6 years ago#2
does the game end once you kill dr house? I didnt want to get the end while I still have alot of exploring to do
6 years ago#3
nah, killing house is just a quest.
6 years ago#4
should I check out the other strip gangs before getting dr house?
6 years ago#5
I just went out and killed Caesar anyway. You probably won't really miss out on much. Just be careful when you fight him. you'll be chased by like 10 praetorian guards.
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6 years ago#6
is there any caesar legion quartermaster with some good loot to buy from?

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6 years ago#7
Ok so does anyone know who the unkillable NPC is?
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  3. Should i just kill Caesar? (SPOILERS!!)

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