Where is PYTHON in the lucky old sun quest

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Title says it all, Iīm in the Solar collection tower, beaten up all bad roboty in it, obtained both passwords and ID and the wiki says that I should use it to active some offline Mr. Gutsy named PYTHON which should be somewhere there. However Iīve been throuht every tiny little crack there is and I canīt seem to find him. Any suggestions? Thanks
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IIRC, PYTHON should be upstairs in the room with the broken generator on a robot pad.
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*IIRC, PYTHON should be upstairs in the room with the broken generator on a robot pad.*

Thank you but, how do I get into that room?
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Ok, once again. When I walk into the area after an ally there are two places - a room on my right where are frag mines and computer which can disable the turrents and the area before me where are three turrets and some protectors + robobrain. The are has an upper and lower level, the upper level is just a catwalk which leads you to room on your right, in the lower level there are two desks and one room where was previosly the robobrain, plus on safe which can be unlocked only with picklocking on lvl 50. Thatīs it. So Iīll go by the catwalk I mentioned to room on my right where are only some junk and doors to tunnel. And according to wikia the stupid robot should be somewhere here, not further where hostile mr. gutsy and loads of protons are located together with passes and ID. But where? Everyone says something about the room with broken generator but I just donīt have any here. Once again, itīs Solar Collection Tower area.
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Found it. FFS I havenīt noticed the door behind the are where protectors spawned.