ED-E My Love bug

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I left ED-E at Primm after having him waste space alongside me, trying to get some things to play. I got 2 messages to play. Now, every time I go to Primm and get him as a companion, he gets the message thing from Lorenzo asking to fix him, but the dialogue switches to some cut Chinese remnant stuff, and it "freezes". I've tried not rushing the talk, like it said at the wiki, but he keeps doing it over and over. Keeps happening as soon as I recruit him inside the Mojave Express.
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bump 2 electric boogaloo
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Only "bug" I've noticed like that is the way Boone keeps staring at your character like he wants to have sex with you if you choose to play your character as a female, and the game won't let you shut it off in the options menu (if you wish to have it turned off while you play as a female character.)
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Boone acts like he wants to bump lol
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