Easy way to get Stimpacks?

#1benjamin2197Posted 10/25/2010 6:05:44 PM
Right now I'm trying to get a lot of stimpacks really fast, without using a glitch. In fallout 3, I could go to Fort Independence(I think, cant remember the name atm) and sold enclave power armor for like 11 stimpacks each, easiest way I know. But I bought New Vegas on saturday and absolutey love it, Im just dying a lot without any health. Please help me.
#2Fearless_SonPosted 10/25/2010 6:07:58 PM
Consider other options. Food heals over time, for example. Some food does it better than others. Also, collect any broc flowers and xander roots you find. With a high enough medical skill, you can combine them together with an empty syringe to make your own stimpacks.
#3ChosenFrozenPosted 10/25/2010 6:10:14 PM
Trying playing a bit more cautiously rather than running in guns blazing while low level. I play on Hard/Hardcore and have over 50 stimpacks before getting to Vegas.

Check bathrooms everywhere for first aid boxes.

If you have money buy/trade with everyone for Stimps since they weigh nothing...
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#4McNabFishPosted 10/25/2010 6:11:29 PM
Firstly *spoilers*

If you dont mind glitching then use the EXP glitch in Helios ONE. If you are not familiar with it look on the cheats section of new vegas here. While using this glitch you get 350exp every time you click on the speech option but also get 3 stimpacks and 2 doctors bags. By the time I was level 30 I had 600+ Stimpacks and a load of doctors bags too. Sell off the doctors bags for easy early on caps and then you have all those stimpacks!

*end spoilers*

Of course you could always just raid everywhere when you kill things / explore. There are plenty of sunset sarsaparilla lying around. Eating the meat of dead animals, pick plants and water! A sink or a water fountain gives you plenty of health and are in most buildings. Just remember to hold down the drink button to make getting health much quicker than repeatedly pressing drink.
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#5axman36Posted 10/25/2010 6:13:11 PM
Drinking water from water sources doesn't give as much health as FO3 sadly...
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#6Rude_BoyPosted 10/25/2010 6:17:25 PM
Carry sarsparilla. It heals 50 damage over 25 seconds. Save stims for emergencies.
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