What armor do you use for a sniper build?

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6 years ago#1
I hope it's not chinese stealth armor :/
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6 years ago#2
Power Armor all the way!
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6 years ago#3
If your a good sniper you don't need armor.

So yeah. Chained prostitute outfit.
6 years ago#4
I use Recon Armor for the +5 Stealth. You can get it from Gun Runners typically.

Over all, it's not that big of a deal, as you are usually pretty far out for it to even matter, especially if you have E-DE.
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6 years ago#5
you can use whatever looks cool. i like the veteran merc armor with the vest, the bandoliers across the chest, and the shemagh tied around your neck. having DR would technically be better since you can still get hit but you look way cool with the beret, shades, and the merc veteran armor :D
6 years ago#6
Oh, and I recommend the beret you get from Boone. +1 PER and +5% Critical Chance is an excellent choice as a sniper.
XBox Live/PSN/Twitter: StochasticLife
6 years ago#7
NCR Ranger Veteran armor, Boone's beret, authority glasses.
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6 years ago#8
I just use more lighter armors in the game simply because of the weight reduction. But as previous poster stated I;m going to be upgrading to the Recon armor shortly. Anything that has a plus agility is nice. plus criticals etc is also nice. Same for sneak so you can move in a closer to get those good VATS long range headshots etc. In FO3 I never got into being a "tank" personally just because I like to sneak around. Most of those heavier armors have bonuses plus negatives.
6 years ago#9
Also to off set some to the damage protection loss from light to medium armor you can add the implant that adds DP, take tough skin perk etc. If the enemy closes on you there is a perk that decreases melee damage etc if you choose to use these perks.
6 years ago#10
Pretty sure the best combo to wear on top is:

Boone's Beret + Rebreather, this gives you +3 dr and +5% criticals

Recon Hood + rebreather is like + 5 DR but no critical bonus.
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  3. What armor do you use for a sniper build?

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