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6 years ago#1
Hey, I'm playing an unarmed wandering monk-type character, and I want to compile a list of the Unarmed Special Attacks you can get in the game for myself and others.

I have heard there are:

Ranger Takedown
Caesar Tackle
Khan Trick
Veronica's Move?

I have only gotten the Ranger Takedown, which you can get by telling Ranger Andy in Novac about the fate of outpost Charlie. You execute it by walking backwards and holding B button. It looks like a chest level palm strike.

Does anyone have info on the other moves? I have heard something about "holding B and pressing forward to tackle" and "giving veronica a dress" and "teaching a khan about medicines with science level over 50" But I have yet to actually do these things in the game. Anyone have any solid info for the unarmed users out there?
6 years ago#2
in third person the takedown is a sweep kick, pretty cool.

the legion move is learned from lucius, the head of caesars praetorian guard. after you advance the story a certain set amount you are granted an audience with caesar. after speaking with caesar speak to lucius and ask about their unarmed techniques. an unarmed 50 option will come up that allows you to learn the attack, which looks like the lunging strike attack many legionaries use in third person. just a rushing punch in first person.

the khan trick is learned by teaching the khan drug chemist *all* recipes. i forget his name atm. you need like 60 speech to convince him to make medical supplies as well as chems, and 50 science & 75 survival to teach him how to make all chems. not sure if not asking for any reward has anything to do with it or not, but i pass on the rewards for +rep anyways. you throw sand in a foes face, staggering them.

while the following are gained automatically, its worth going over therm too:

cross & uppercut: learned at 75 and 50 unarmed skill respectively, the cross and uppercut come out at a set speed. oddly enough, this is a slight disadvantage after getting slayer, as they come out slightly slower than your default attack, seemingly unaffected by slayer. pre-slayer theyre amazing in real-time though. they randomly proc.

the *really* important part about the cross & uppercut is that they have a set ap cost in vats, regardless of what weapon you use them with. they cost around 17 or 18 ap, even with weapons that normally cost 25+ ap for a vats attack. this makes spiked knuckles not nearly as good as they may seem for a skilled unarmed fighter.

stomp: the stomp attack, which was just a random animation variation for vats in fo3, is now back as its own special attack. stomp is only available on an opponent who has been stunned by paralyzing palm. it replaces the uppercut and cross attacks entirely, and from my experience it seems to be an automatic crit, making paralyzing palm even better than it used to be, somehow.
6 years ago#3
oh, and veronicas counter is learned by giving her a formal dress , won from gambling at the ultra luxe. havent bothered to get it yet, ive heard some people have had to take the dress & re-give it to her multiple times to get the dialogue to trigger.
6 years ago#4
Nice, hauntbot. thanks for this. I read some of your other melee and unarmed posts. You should make a melee and unarmed FAQ, you seem to be the resident expert on it anyways.

Could you tell me where is the Khan Chemist? Is he in the Khan base or something? I am currently vilified with the Khan, does that make a difference? Thanks
6 years ago#5
thanks, im really thinking about making an faq, ill probably get around to it sooner or later.

well, the drug makers are part of the khan faction. you can try wearing khan clothes as a disguise though and see if that works. the khan drug lab is a separately marked location reached through red rock through a pass on the northern side of the camp.

good luck.
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