Any way to hook up Veronica with Betsy?

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6 years ago#1
I thought Betsy the sniper (at the NCR airforce base) was extremely hot, but sadly she doesn't swing the way of my character. Disappointed! :(

"But hey", I thought, "I know somebody ELSE you might like! Hey, Ronnie? Come over here a minute, there's someone I'd like you to meet."

But Betsy doesn't seem to even notice I've got a cute BOS gal with me who'd be keen to jump in the sack with her!

So, am I missing a dialog choice, or does Betsy really only like blonds? :)

(of course, it could be that awful sackcloth Veronica insists on wearing! Maybe she needs a nice dress first?)

As an aside, is it just me or is half the wasteland gay this time around? It doesn't bother me that much, but it is kinda distracting!
6 years ago#2
Veronica hates NCR
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6 years ago#3
Catfight, then? :)

Seriously, though, I do wish they'd put some more dialog in to include whoever is with you and their loyalties.

Also, Betsy would have made an awesome alternative to Boone, IMO (revenge on The Fiends rather than the Legion). Not since Bittercup in F3 have I wanted to take someone as a companion but couldn't take them! :(
6 years ago#4
I've disliked all the companion personalities in Vegas AND Three... they should let you build a sidekick. Plus i don't like the weapon-type restrictions on the companions either. Oh well.
6 years ago#5
I want my dogmeat back.
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  3. Any way to hook up Veronica with Betsy?

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