Lucky 38 - Vault 11 glitch/bug *minor spoilers*

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6 years ago#1
So after not being able to complete "come fly with me" quest as it corrupts my saved games, 20 hours later I find that doing vault 11 before entering the strip and doing Mr.Houses quests ends up with me unable to do anything other than kill him and all his robots.

As I completed vault 11 about 10 hours ago I have no intention on loading up the saved game (I have been saving lots since they got corrupted once). How much will I miss out on if I kill/ignore Mr.House, or more importantly is there a way around this? I know on the PC you can type in a console command, but obviously that isn't possible. Tear.
6 years ago#2
bump :(

I have until tomorrow evening to complete this game as I am going to Australia for a year and won't have my 360 :(
6 years ago#3
board so fast! :(
6 years ago#4
Been gettin' a lot of these lately...

(Vault 11 spoilers)

The problem stems from an apparent oversight by the devs that (for no particular reason) adds the turrets in the sacrificial chamber to Mr. House's robot faction, and destroying them will cause you to fail any quests you're doing for him and, as you've described, will likely turn all his robots hostile towards you.

Unfortunately I don't think there's a way around this if you've already beaten Vault 11 normally - sorry I don't have any good news for you : /

Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.
6 years ago#5
i just beat vault 11 with a stealth boy and the robotics expert perk, instead of killing the robots you just need to disable themand override the lockdown
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  3. Lucky 38 - Vault 11 glitch/bug *minor spoilers*

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