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nightkin mission problem please read!!!

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6 years ago#1
Hey guys, im on the mission when you need to clear out the basement of nightkin, how do you kill them they are invisible and hard to kill. when do they turn so you can see them? Can somebody please explain what the object if the mission is? Thanks.
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6 years ago#2

They are hard to see but not impossible, you can also hear them walking fairly easily. When they attack they come out of stealth field too.

There's two ways to get rid of them. First way is take (I'm trying to remember exact directions) your first left after entering the basement, past the first right hallway, and then take your second right hallway. There will be the Nightkin leader named Daivison that gives you a second option if fighting them is too hard/frustrating for you.

6 years ago#3
You can either spam vats to see where they are or get ED-E as a companion in Primm. You can also use a stealthboy and sneak your way around them to convince the goul to leave and then the Nightkin.
6 years ago#4
ok, I found Davison, where do you find the stealth boy things hes looking for????
I own, a ps3, xbox 360 and a wii..... envy me!
6 years ago#5
Your objective is to remove them from the basement in whatever way.

Killing them is the least worrysome way, and you would need to bring some AP ammo or MC ammo (patch 1.02) at lower levels to kill them easily. If not, use Rober Club that you get in the building (hopefully you did not sell everyone of them) and use it to block their attack once and hit twice, block, hit twice. You will receive minimum damage this way.

Other way to do is to Help Davidson (the leader nightkin) by helping another ghoul and gaining access to the computer that contains the locations of stealthboys. But even in this way, you probably would still kill one or two nightkins unless you use stealthboy yourself to roam freely.

Just kill everyone. Its the simplest way.
6 years ago#6

If you go back out to the hallway and take a right you'll find a door with a dead nightkin in front of it. This is the warehouse room where the computer is with the data on it.

Here, again, are two options. You can get rid of the ghoul by finding his friend in the basement (which probably requires a stealth boy, as if you kill any nightkin Davison will go hostile), or you can just outright kill him. Killing him doesn't have any karma impact or faction impact IIRC. The computer is up the stairs near the back of the room.

6 years ago#7

Oh and be careful in that room, there's tons of bear traps, mines, and tripwires. The computer on the first floor is booby trapped as well.

6 years ago#8
Look for the shimmer as they move. If you have your back up against the door in the corner of the tunnels, it makes it easier to see them coming. Shoot outside of vats until they become visible, then enter vats and finish them off. They can be tricky if your level is low or if you have weapons that have low ammo capacity, but they can be beat with just about any weapon with the right build. Good luck and happy hunting! =)
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It's possible to sneak past Harland and get the stealthboy data, thus avoiding both killing all the Nightkin or avoiding Harland's part of the mission. Quick, easy, and it only takes a stealthboy.
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