Leaving the Sierra Madre (Dead Money Spoilers)

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6 years ago#1
Is there any way to actually get out of the Vault in time without dropping all the gold? It seems impossible, even if you sneak past Father Elijah to give yourself a head start..
6 years ago#2
There are many threads addressing this, such as this one:

6 years ago#3
Pick them all up, convince Elijah to come down to meet with you, and immediately leave the vault chamber and go to the right. Face the blue forcefield nearby and drop the bars. It may take a few tries, but with some luck the Gold Bar (37) will drop on the other side of the forcefield. Now just kill Elijah, run the long way around the blue forcefield, pick up the Gold Bar (37), and walk slowly towards the elevator before your collar explodes...

You'll be cutting it close, but if you save and try a couple times you'll get it.
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6 years ago#4
No, i tried that. Was so encumbered and walking like an old woman my collar exploded as soon as I got past the 3 holos and the generator.
6 years ago#5

If you bothered to actually read the contents of this thread and the one you linked me, you'd realize they have nothing to do with one another.


I'll give that a shot, cause I don't want to leave them behind if I don't have to.
6 years ago#6
Monkey, if you read the entire thread, which is about 7 posts, then you would see I explained how to do what you want to do easily and quickly. Before you get on someone for not reading, do it yourself.
6 years ago#7
Yes, you have to get into the vent/duct straight ahead and go through the back doorway to the elevator. You have to be pretty quick and sneaky though but that's what I did.
6 years ago#8
This one worked for me and I loved it. It's far better than the drop it into the shield door because I had NO LUCK with it.
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