Can't sneak out and trap the psycho in dead money

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6 years ago#1

So Im at the end of dead money, I got the optional objective to sneak out and trap him in the vault. But even with a stealth boy whenever I get close to the elevator the force fields go up, what am I doing wrong?

6 years ago#2
From inside the vault, go out the door and turn left and hide behind the pillar thingy I think? Then, wait until he goes past you and run straight to the elevator.
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6 years ago#3

but whenever he gets to the vault he says something like "hm, whats this? Alarms? you think you can trick me? then he attacks and i have to kill him to leave

6 years ago#4
The only way that I know of is to use a stealth boy and go straight out of the vault door up the stairs right in front of you, go into the little room and follow the right path to the door he came out of and once you reach the door you are free.
6 years ago#5

problem with that is whenever I get near the door he instantly "Scences" my pressence, and the force field goes up and so do the turrets.

6 years ago#6
Unless Im mistaken.........You have to run back through the whole thing, past all the hologram guards and everything. It sounds like a lot, but in reality it takes about 30 seconds.
As soon as you finish talking to him on the screen, leave the vault and head for the door on the far left....then run through everything, and youll come out at the begining.....right where you see him coming from. Hell be tring to attack you, but the force fields will be up and you just leave.
Any other route you take brings up the force fields.

There's a bunch of you tube videos on this...just look up " traping father elija in the vault"
6 years ago#7
You're probably trying to sneak off too early. Wait until he's definitely not going to see you, so when he's a metre away from the door or something. Don't forget to stay in sneak mode until you're very sure that he won't notice.
GT: Fiery J.
6 years ago#8
Yes....just go back from where you came.....

I did it crouching to give him a chance......because i wasnt sure if i wanted to kill him or let him die.....he didnt got me.
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6 years ago#9
You aren't timing it right. You can sneak past him without using the stealth boy or actually sneaking.
6 years ago#10
Run out as soon as he agrees to come down. If he doesn't go in then you probably smashed the generator and he becomes hostile before being trapped.
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