When is Fallout New Vegas's next DLC coming out?

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6 years ago#1
I know about Ulysses, the Big Empty, the Burned Man, and how the DLCs are confirmed but any ideas on when or speculations on the area or plot of the next DLC? BTW I was thinking that since Joshua Graham (Burned Man) was covered in tar that he should have some epic Darth Vader suit or something cause if we're gonna meet him he should have survived the burn from Caesar.

6 years ago#2
We don't know.
"Funny thing about being a game designer, there's 5 million people who think they know my job better than I do." ~Demize99
6 years ago#3
No one knowwsss.

And Darth Vader suit? Life support power armor maybe.
>') Nom
6 years ago#4
My random guess that I don't feel like justifying here would be MARCH.
Eat mung, evil doer!
6 years ago#5
I gotta think all DLC will be out before the first half of the year is over so that publisher Bethesda can turn all of their marketing attention toward generating buzz for Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

They want you ready to play ED5 day one, rather than trying to finish up the missions in a DLC pack released just a month ago....
6 years ago#6
well there is an update coming out that preps the game for the next dlc i'm guessing like maybe march or april
6 years ago#7
K. I figured maybe on Feb 22 or 23 cause i think i read somewhere that it was supposed to be released around the same time as PS3 gets Dead Money
6 years ago#8

Don't care for the Darth vader thing. The fallout world is a good solid setting and is it's own thing. Not everything is about Star Wars.

6 years ago#9
When i say darth vader suit im just tryin to say some type of badass armor
6 years ago#10

thye need to do it sooner than later. Do not bother in march to release it as DA2 is out

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