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5 years ago#1
What are your top 5 weapons

mine are

1 Medicine stick a better Brush gun that is better in every way has the best iron sights great up close and at long range the only downside is ammo is rare

2 Gobi Sniper Rifle this thing is underrated great in vats thanks to the high critical chance and great for sniping

3 Riot shotgun the gra ammo and and dlc perks makes this thing even better

4 Laer Easily my favorite energy weapon sorry gatling laser and spritel wood

5 All American it may be outclassed but its still a good gun
5 years ago#2
1. Assault Carbine - Great fire rate, accuracy and incredible usage of VATS. Ammo is common, and the armor piercing rounds are awesome.

2. This Machine - Great accuracy, common ammo, and for pete's sake a fricken M1 Garand. :)

3. Hunting Rifle - Scoped or not it is one of my all time favorite weapons. The GRA version the, "Panacea" is great too.

4. Ranger Sequoia - Great sidearm with enough power to take down Death Claws. 'Nuff said.

5. That - Gun - Uses 5.56 rifle ammo, has a crit buff, and a fast reload. Plus, I just love a 5.56 chambered revolver. :)
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5 years ago#3
Assault Carbine
Hunting Shottie
.:R 1337 .:R
5 years ago#4
I only have 2 favorites.....sticks and stones.
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5 years ago#5
1: Hunting Shotgun
2: Medicine Stick
3: Knock-Knock
4: Two-Step Goodbye
5: Miss Fortune's Bad Luck Bringer(w/bean bag rounds)
5 years ago#6
1.Cz avenger- kill EVERYTHING
2. Mysterious Magnum- perfect for taking down that pesky freeside thug
3. Fully modded cowboy repeater- looks nice and feels nice when shooting
4. Marksman carbine- reminds me of CoD weapons
5. merc grenade rifle- a good weapon that you get from the start of the game.
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5 years ago#7
1. Medicine Stick
2. Lucky (better than That Gun, IMO)
3. That Gun
4. Love and Hate
5. Fully modified Cowboy Repeater (aesthetically my favorite gun in the game)
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5 years ago#8
1. Survivalist Rifle - too versatile to be anything less. Ammo option is the sole problem, but it does so much damage the lack of AP ammo isn't a huge deal, anyways. Easy to repair, even sans jury rigging. Accurate for long range combat, high ROF/low AP for close combat.
2. LAER+ - Elijah's is just as good really, but this is the EW equivalent of the Survivalist's Rifle, a bit delicate, though.
3. Mercy - the GMG+/Red Glare + out does it in DPS, but fizzles fast against high DT, Mercy lacks that problem. Nothing cleans house like this thing. NOTHING. Load it with plasma grenades/incindiary grenades and down an atomic cocktail for CQC carnage. :)
4. Holorifle - The Quad Laser, no one can escape it. On that note, it's tad sluggish for long range combat and ammo capacity make it a bit cumbersome in CQC fights, huffing Turbo amends this (then again, Turbo/iGRX is basically the win button)
5. ALSiD - limited range of engagement pulls it to the bottom of the list, otherwise this thing hammers anything when you stack crit chance.
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5 years ago#9
Is the fully modded cowboy repeater that good? I forgot about it once I got the brush gun and why pick the marksman carbine over all american?
5 years ago#10
boss360 posted...
Is the fully modded cowboy repeater that good? I forgot about it once I got the brush gun and why pick the marksman carbine over all american?

The cr can last the whole game it's ammo is cheap and it has nice killing power plus it looks very nice IMO. Marksman because I like the sight on it plus it's rof Is nice. It works as a nice all purpose battlerifle
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