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Rome: Consultant for Hire. (Re Opened)

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4 years ago#1
Original thread here:


It really only gets worth reading by "A Dying Man's Wish" on page three IMO, as that's where actual character development begins.

I feel that the story arch ended rather abruptly, but now I am on Spring Break which will leave plenty of time for writing. Hopefully. Again, apologies for just sort of pittering off and letting the thread close like that. I hope this will make up for that.

I'm gonna start from directly where we left off.

The Fall of Rome:

The dream had shaken Rome, but she could only remember it in fragments. Bits and pieces, sunlight, running, and loud noises. Definitely loud noises. Dismissing it for now, she sat up from the bed heavily, Julie following suit.

"You remember what happened last night, right?" Julie stared, watching Rome, in a very obviously nervous manner.

"Yeah, I remember what happened," Rome let out heavily before lighting a cigarette.

"Bad dream?"


"Remember any of it?"

"Bits and pieces, it was probably nothing. Just strange though, I usually don't recall any of my dreams."

"It's just, I've never seen you like that before."

"Like I said, it was a bad dream. It's not important anyways, I'm going for a walk or something."

Julie sighed, "Alright. Just take it easy, nothing crazy."


Rome descended their tower and left the fort, exiting out of the North gate and beginning a walk through the desert in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, and clear her head. It wasn't until she had been walking for at least an hour that she finally noticed what was bugging her, there was something stuck in her boot.

Unlacing it and holding it up she searched inside the boot for whatever was causing her discomfort and her hand landed on a note, not an envelope like before, this was much different.
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4 years ago#2
I actually dont have my list anymore damn you :P vi had a list of dead people and a handful of people id pick for later.
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4 years ago#3
It was typed, not pen written, and stamped only with a symbol that was entirely unfamiliar to her. It appeared as a plus sign, but with triangles at the end of each point. The note read,

"Legion, NCR, Mutants, Boomers, Gangsters, and more. It appears the great Rome has no match. You will find a shack as far north as Vegas allows. Meet there. Any time will suit."

Rome read the note a few more times, checking the backside she found it to be blank. Rome pondered the note and it's invitation for a few minutes, and then set out along her path that she had already set; headed North.

The "shack" wasn't exactly a hard find, but it could hardly be called that, either. Instead of being made of flimsy scrap metal and wood it was well built, symmetrical and utterly devoid of any damage or hint of vandalism. If a place like this had existed before, she would have known of it by now. It was obviously new, meaning that a new figure was in the Mojave, and was looking for hired hands.

Approaching the building Rome saw no guards, she stopped outside of the door for a moment; it was made of steel, matching the professional yet hardy aesthetic of the rest of the building. Contemplating knocking, Rome figured the wiser decision was to let herself in.

Rome placed her hand on her 9mm, unholstering it and looking at it for a few seconds, she flashed back to her dream, hearing the loud noise yet again which she now knew was gunfire. Putting back the pistol but keeping her hand readied to draw, Rome opened the door.

Inside was the most peculiar site Rome had seen in years, if not ever. Three armed men stood along each wall, wearing suits and obviously armed. They weren't cheap posers like the Omertas or The Chairmen either, they had an air of professionalism about them that peaked Rome's interest.

Or would have, if it hadn't been for the rest of the room. The floor was of wood, smooth and flawless, and on the walls hung art of the Renaissance era, in between the guards there stood busts of antiquity.

Even this was one upped by what was at the back of the room. A man in a suit that made President Kimball's look like a junkies rag's sat in an armchair, behind a desk made of stained wood. Rome looked behind him to notice, of all things, a roaring fire. Despite being in the middle of the desert the room was as cold as a shack at night, with the only warmth being from the fire in the back of the room.
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4 years ago#4
jakezing33 posted...
I actually dont have my list anymore damn you :P vi had a list of dead people and a handful of people id pick for later.

(No worries, going a bit out of left center for a while.)
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4 years ago#5
The man looked up at her, he had cold, steely eyes and hair cut short, combed to the side with perfection. He was donned with a strong prominent jaw and appeared to be in his mid thirties, although it was hard to tell. He was well built, with an air of relaxation and confidence about him. Rome's hand relaxed away from the pistol. The man sipped a drink, what seemed to be whiskey, and jiggled the ice inside of it.

"Rome." He was distinctively devoid of any accent, although it seemed to be rhotic. He spoke with an air of curtness and yet respect, professional and yet capable of eloquence. Refusing to let her guard down, Rome spoke,

"And you are?"

"As you and I both know, real names are not so important. Apollo, pleased to meet." Apollo stretched out his hand which Rome slowly approached, then took and shook, matching with the rest of his demeanor the handshake was firm and yet professional.

"Care for a drink?"

"I'm fine, thanks."

"I insist," Apollo reached into the desk and pulled out a glass that was foggy, obviously chilled. "One cannot get a drink like this anywhere else, even," He pulled three ice cubes from another drawer and tossed them rattling into the glass, "in Vegas." Finally he uncapped a large glass vase of pristine looking whiskey and poured it into the glass, pushing it towards Rome.

"Oh, and do feel free to smoke." Rome needed the relaxation, so she pulled out her pack and lit up. Slowly she brought the whiskey to her lips, tasting it, Apollo had not lied. It was divine.

"Why am I here, Apollo?" Rome asked bluntly.

Apollo sipped his drink, swallowed, exhaled, and began speaking, "Operating in the Mojave," he waved his hand around the room as if to signify it, "one needs employees who know the Mojave. I know enough to know all of the major 'players,' if they are to be called that. I know enough. But you, you know more."

"As with all lawless regions, most able to be recruited are little more than guns for hire, and therefor worthless to me. You, Rome, showed something special. You are not some drunken, rowdy sort. You have a semblance and a taste for finer things, Old World Professionalism, if you will. Class, to be short. Not only that, but you're good. Very good."

Apollo reached into yet another drawer and pulled a manila folder from it. He opened it and spread it's contents over the desk. They were photos of all of Rome's hits. From a headless Aurelius to the massacre at Gomorrah.

"You're job at Gomorrah stood out with great distinction. Cunning, skill, class. Brutality. All were shown, and make no mistake, we have been watching. Your moving in with Julie Farkas sealed my offer, you finally proved you are able to work well with others."
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4 years ago#6
"You talk about work. What do you want done, exactly?" Rome ashed her cigarette in a metal tray, it was pristine along with everything else. She looked him in the eyes, with the fire blazing behind him he certainly did seem god-like. For the first time in what could have been forever, Rome was a little intimidated.

"Much of that remains to be said, but you and I are going to be making great changes to the Mojave, and Vegas itself. The plans I have... will make House seem ignorant and shortsighted, both of which he is," Apollo's eyes grew a little bit more intense for a moment before returning to their relaxed manner, "Your days of petty hits and jobs are over, today you cross over to another plane. We will start out small. Kill Robert House."

With this statement he withdrew another folder, "As you already know, the Lucky 38 is all but impenetrable. Within this week all of that will change. In his arrogance House has left a rather easy entrance available to us. You will enter through the sewer, here," he removed a map of sorts from the folder and began trace it with his finger, "placing an explosive here you will be able to enter his maintenance elevator and ascend directly to where his body is kept, in stasis. Here House will be easily dispatched, and you will be able to make good your exit. I'm sure you have questions."

Rome studied the plan carefully, and then looked up at Apollo, "And why, exactly, should I do this?"

"Payment will defy anything you can possibly imagine."
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4 years ago#7
As always nicely done. I'll be keeping my eye on this.
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4 years ago#8
God dammit. Now I need to go back and read every entry.
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4 years ago#9
Ajd_King posted...
God dammit. Now I need to go back and read every entry.

I'd be very happy if you did.
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4 years ago#10
that was terrible, RE DO IT or your fired!

you know what, no, your fired, you dont even get to pack up, your stuff now belongs to us. im even calling the internet police on you.


i feel insane for writing that straight faced
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