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4 years ago#111
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I don't want this to get locked, so I'm going to bump it. I apologize for not having anything for you guys recently, but I'm at a point where I feel as if I write anything it will be awful and no good anyway. (Which is sort of how I felt about those last two stories.)


Eh, bad content is bad content.

You could also.kill off a main character *cough* Julie *cough* to spice things up a bit.
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4 years ago#112
next sunday on a gripping episode of "Rome", Rome is torn between the woman she loves and a massive renovation project for freeside proposed by the benefactor
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4 years ago#113
Jake I know you're first, but I think I'll do Liquid's.
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4 years ago#114
AverageAverage posted...
Jake I know you're first, but I think I'll do Liquid's.

i feel so unloved on my birthday
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4 years ago#115
The Good Life in the Mojave Sun:

Rome peeled the bed sheet off her bare chest, even in the dark tower it was scalding. Something about July in the desert. She rubber her head slowly and turned over, Julie was still sleeping beside her. Rome liked her like this, that expression of constant worry finally went to the background when she slept.

She reached over to the bed side dresser and picked up the card with the logo that Specter or whomever had given her last night, turning it over in her hands and studying it curiously she noticed nothing substantial about it other than the logo. Looking at the clock it appeared the time was about 10 AM, probably time to get up.

Standing up the sun ran across Rome's eyes, blinding her momentarily. She pondered breakfast, but realized that she wasn't hungry and instead settled for a glass of water and some clothes. Dressed in black boots, tight brown pants, and an open flannel with the sleeves rolled up Rome hoped she'd be a fair match for the inevitable unrelenting heat.

Rome stopped in the doorway for a moment and stared at Julie before heading out of the tower and into the throng, Miguel's photo in her hand. He was a greasy sort, it was hard to believe he was ever connected with such a professional organization, but then again that did explain what kind of person he was.

Slipping the photo into her bra Rome maneuvered through the crowds and out of Freeside, ready for the walk over to Westside and the Pawn Shop. The heat was exhausting, beads of sweat dripped down her neck and she began panting not half way over.

Rome began to think about this organization, and what they entailed. She didn't like it, but there was something obviously Brotherhood about their mannerisms, logos, technology, and targets. She wasn't quite sure why they were so secretive, but then again Rome could hardly blame them.

Eventually she trudged into Westside, arriving without much of an issue. On her way through the gate she felt a hand on her shoulder, quickly she turned to see who was bothering her.

"Holy ****, you're alive aint you?"

Rome studied the man, he appeared to be a guard.

"Who are you, again?"

The man didn't seem surprised that she didn't remember him.

"You came here a long time back, drunk of your ass. You killed those two *** holes, remember? Then you threw up and passed out in the middle of the damn road. **** I thought you were dead."
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4 years ago#116
Rome crossed her arms and leaned back, taking the man in. He was dressed in leather armor, caucasian, had short brown hair, and was disconcertingly sweaty.

"Yeah, well, that's really interesting."

The guard scratched a peculiar half scruff patch on his chin and then put on an opportunistic look.

"Well, I'm the one who took that Follower guy over to look at you. I coulda done anything I wanted to you... I think it's time you return my chivalry."

"**** you."

Rome turned away briskly as the mans face flared up with anger. She shoved open the gate and began walking through it. She heard the inevitable rush of footsteps behind her and then two hands on her shoulders as the man attempted to gain control of her.

Rome flipped the heavy, sweaty man over her shoulders and onto the pavement, then picked him back up and dragged him into an alley. She put her knife to his throat, and his eyes lit up in terror.

It was hard to control herself. Every fiber of her being told her to slit his throat, watch him spray blood and gasp for air on the ground. He deserved it, she knew it. But she had restraint.

"I'm going to let you off with a warning, dip****," he looked relieved, "if I catch you trying to pull **** like this ever again, I will cut your balls off and shove them into your eye sockets, understand?"

The man nodded.


Rome kneed him in the testicles and threw him onto the ground, re sheathing her knife she began the stroll to Miguel's.

The streets of Westside were relatively empty, Rome assumed that the denizens were staying inside in an attempt to escape the dreadful heat. Eventually she rounded a corner and saw a sign pointing out that this building was indeed Miguel's Pawn Shop. Retrieving the card from it's place she entered the shop.

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dark, and pleasantly cool, shop. There were a few patrons browsing the wares idly, Rome walked to an isle and wondered if they would prove to be a problem or not. Choosing the observant route, she pretended to browse the wares.
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4 years ago#117
Studying two men in particular, Rome noticed that they were definitely up to something. After each independently browsing for around thirty seconds or so, they'd meet up in the middle of the isle and exchange whispers while staring at Miguel. It appeared that she might not be the only one after him.

Rome shot a quick glance over to the man of the hour, who was sitting unconcerned behind a desk; probably surprised by the number of customers. One of the men looked at her, but she made sure to become suddenly very interested in a lead pipe.

Placing the pipe down Rome saw the two men meet up again, this time they began to walk over to Miguel's desk, their hands reaching into their coats. Rome followed them parallel along another isle, reaching for her own weapon at the same time.

The men did not notice her as they unholstered their weapons and pointed them at Miguel, who jumped from his chair but remained still. The two men were each dressed in casual ranger gear, with brown and grey hats. Their hair was cut short and they were clean shaven, almost definitely NCR. The man in the brown hat spoke,

"Miguel Santaros, you are under arrest for smuggling NCR substances with which you had the intent to use in the making of chems. You're coming with us."

At this time Rome pulled her pistol out. The two Rangers turned their attention and weapons immediately to her, before one of them could train their weapon on Miguel he had drawn his own, too. The few legitimate customers ran from the store.

The Ranger still aiming at Rome spoke, with a hint of nervousness in his voice,

"Who the hell are you!?"

Rome replied simply, "I'm here to kill Miguel. If you want to get in my way, that's fine. If you don't want to die, I suggest leaving me to my business. As if this guy is any good anyway. Just tell them he resisted and you had to put him down."

At this Miguel aimed his weapon at Rome instead of the other Ranger. Rome held her ground. The Ranger aiming his weapon at her took a moment to think before retorting,

"Well if you're a bounty hunter, then we'll just kill the both of you. Two for one special."

"Yeah, except you won't be able to ki-"

Miguel shot the Ranger who was aiming at her in the head. Rome in turn shot the one aiming at Miguel, and dove behind an isle before Miguel could aim at her. The man was either nervous or stupid and began firing wildly into the display. She simply waited until she heard the familiar clicking sound of an empty weapon.
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4 years ago#118
Rome emerged from her cover and crossed the small gap between her and Miguel before he could reload, keeping her pistol trained on him. She pointed to his gun and told him to drop it.

Miguel put his empty gun down on the desk and spoke, "Are you really here to kill me?"

"Really really."

Miguel backed against the brick wall and swallowed deeply, even though it was cool in the shop he was sweating profusely. Trying to maintain himself he spoke again, "Wh- who wants me dead? Fiends?"

Rome retrieved the card from her pocket with her free hand and held it up from him to see, "Recognize this symbol?"

He swallowed deeply again, "Yeah.."

Rome walked towards him slowly, "Well, what the hell does it mean?"

Miguel attempted to back up as she approached him with space that wasn't there, he was now completely flat against the wall and shaking, "I don't know. I was never really a part of them, I- I only worked for them."

Rome pressed the pistol against his forehead, "You had to have learned something about them."

Miguel became desperate, "I don't know, please, I don't I don't! Please don't kill me! Please! Please! NO!"

Rome pulled the trigger, Miguel's eyes turned off and his head split in two as the bullet went through him and into the wall. Slowly he slid down into a slump on the floor, staining the wall red as he went. Rome holstered the pistol and put the card back into her pocket before leaving the store, careful to avoid the two bodies.

She felt the heat rush over her as she left the cold Pawn Shop, the sun was getting lower in the sky as the day grew older. Rome adjusted her collar on her shirt and began the walk back to Freeside.

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4 years ago#119
Still one left:

Rome trudged up the stairs, if not a little tired from killing Miguel. Emerging at the top she found Julie lying on the bed, staring disapprovingly.

"You've got that look again, Julie."

"It's the look I give you when I know you've just killed someone."

Rome stopped and placed her hands on her hips defensively, "He deserved it."

"You say that now. Anyways, a new contract is here for you. Don't you ever get sick of it?"

Rome took an envelope which Julie was holding out towards her, scanning it's contents while continuing her conversation with Julie, "Sick of what?"

"Your job."

"I'm always sick of it."

Rome stuck the envelope in her pocket and walked out of the tower.
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4 years ago#120
i dont even remember who my contract was anymore

also; that 7 day break :P
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