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4 years ago#131
The Top's elevator dinged as they reached the Aces Theater floor, Rome and Drifter, who was holding a case, walked into the room. It was all empty, except for the crew preparing for the night's show. Rome strode forward towards an important looking man in a suit who was donned with an eye patch, "Tommy, I've got some talent for you."

The man named Tommy turned and took the final drag on his cigarette while eyeballing The Drifter, who walked forward confidently and took the man's hand with a firm grip saying, "Call me Drifter. Pleasure to meet you, Tommy." Tommy tossed his cigarette butt aside and replied, "Drifter? That's a hell of a name, I like it. Ring a Ding, baby! So tell me Drifter, what's your talent?"

In response Drifter placed his guitar case onto a nearby booth table and popped it open. He pulled out the pristine instrument and proceeded to do a beautiful scale up and down the strings, then another more complex, and another even more complex. Finally he finished off with a small excerpt of a song that gave Rome chills.

Tommy's eye lit up with enthusiasm and delight, "Welcome aboard Drifter, I'll tell you what, if you play for me I'll be given you fifty caps a night. You'll be rich!" The Drifter placed his guitar back in it's case and replied sharply, "No deal. You know I'm worth far more than that. Two hundred a night."

Tommy stared him up and down again and then replied, "One seventy-five, and drinks on the house." The Drifter smirked before saying, "I don't know if I like what that means about the quality of your liqueur, but you've got yourself a deal." The two men shook hands again, and Rome and Drifter promptly left.

Outside of the hotel, Drifter sat down at a table and Rome sat across from him. "Rome, I want to thank you for what you've done for me. I've been waiting for something like this for a hell'ova long time." Rome smiled warmly, "It's not a problem Drifter. I'll be seeing you," Rome got up, but before she could go she heard an, "And hey." Rome turned around and looked at him, "I won't till a soul about what you said last night if you promise the same for me."

Rome smiled again and nodded, "I'll be sure to come see you play sometime. And maybe visit in between now and then." Drifter smiled back with an old man smile and replied, "I think I'd like that."

"See you around, Drifter." Rome merged with the Vegas crowd and headed towards the Old Mormon Fort.


Thanks for reading if you got this far, hope you liked it!
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4 years ago#132
really good, love the twist with drifter, I was fully expecting her to kill him.

Keep it up.

By the way as you did this mid week does it mean we wont get one Saturday?

Just asking lol
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4 years ago#133
Liking the story so far keep it up
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4 years ago#134
my list of people dead and alive vanished >.>
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4 years ago#135
Thanks for the feed back!

jakezing33 posted...
my list of people dead and alive vanished >.>

Well, you can PM me them and I'll see if they're alive or not.
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4 years ago#136
Kcrone1988 posted...
really good, love the twist with drifter, I was fully expecting her to kill him.

Keep it up.

By the way as you did this mid week does it mean we wont get one Saturday?

Just asking lol

At the moment Rome doesn't actually have anyone to kill/drink with/befriend so we'll have to see I suppose.
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4 years ago#137
name: Judah Kreger
Location: Westside
Payment:6000 Caps
Reason: Enclave, a leader, for his sins he deserves death, not forgiveness. Though old, he has not fully repented for his crimes and the crimes of his organization; and justice... must be served.


Name: Johnson
Location: A cave to the east of Aerotech and northwest of Camp Golf
Payment: 6000 caps
Reason: Enclave; though repentant, he desires the death he still deserves.


my benefactor is not a fan of the enclave; which will be explained if we make it to my final contract for the benefactor character :P

also usual storytelling for my contracts.


i hadnt realized id gone through the depressed people so fast >.>
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4 years ago#138
The Old Breed:

Julie rolled over and wrapped her arms around Rome, "So you've established a pattern then I suppose? Kill one, save one, kill one, save one?" Rome stroked her hair and kissed her lightly on the cheek saying, "It's more like *** hole, not an *** hole, *** hole, not an *** hole. You have to admit, the pay off is nice," she gestured around the Ultra Luxe suite, complete with it's pool and other amenities.

Julie laughed a little, "Yeah I guess," she gazed around and took it all in, "but I can't help but feel I'm supposed to hate myself for being in a room like this." Rome climbed on top of Julie and whispered in her ear, "I can fix that."


He hid in a cave in these series of small hills, Rome knew that much about this "Johnson" individual. That and he was ex-Enclave and apparently ate people, the latter part most likely being complete bull ****. Thinking her best route was to get to a high point and attempt to scope out where he was, Rome climbed the tallest looking peak, maneuvering and finding grips where she could.

At the top she surveyed the terrain below her, the wind flowing gently through her hair. There were more, smaller peaks surrounded by miniature valleys of sorts. Turning around Rome found what she was looking for, an old and poorly built wooden door was at the mouth of a cave. With cat like agility she climbed back down and unholstered her Baretta from her hip, walking with a purpose toward's Johnson's little hide away.

A few minutes later Rome was standing outside the shack esque door, pistol aimed steadily forwards she swept into the cave with grace and stealth. Inside it was very dark, she waited for a moment for her eyes to adjust before moving forward as to avoid any traps. And traps there were, she counted three bear traps and a two by four with nails in it on her way towards the end of the tunnel.

Approaching the mouth of the cavern she saw the dim glow of firelight and the figure of Johnson as he sat eating his lunch. Whatever meat it was, it definitely wasn't people. Rome was perfectly camouflaged being in the darkness with him by the fire, but she felt as if it was a little wrong to end such a long life in that way. She confidently strode out of the darkness and into the light of the fire.

Johnson looked up and swallowed his food, his eyes shot across the room to a rifle, but he knew he was too far away to stand a chance at getting it. Looking back at Rome he said in a somewhat relieved voice, "Well, I can't say this hasn't been a long time coming."

Rome remained silent and sighted him slowly, just as she began to put pressure on the trigger a series of enormous bangs rang out from behind her in the darkness. Johnson's face lit up with surprise for a moment, his torso was littered with wounds and after a moment he fell face first into the flames.

Rome only heard him fall, as she had already rolled behind cover to avoid whomever the shooter was. Slightly abate of breath she called out, "Who the hell is that?" There was no response for a moment before a deep male voice called out, "Relax. NCR Ranger." Rome stayed behind cover, "That's really original, let's see some proof." There came the sound of something metal being rustled followed by a pair of dog tags landing next to Rome. She picked them up studied them, they read, "Veteran Ranger Sterling" and were marked with all of the proper insignia.

It wasn't perfect proof, but it made sense for a high ranking Ranger to be hunting ex-Enclave, and he hadn't shot her beforehand, which was the safest decision seeming how Rome was armed and Johnson wasn't. "Alright, I'm coming out," Rome emerged from cover, not aiming her pistol but keeping it at her side.
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4 years ago#139
The familiar flick of a lighter and then flame came from the darkness, the cherry of a cigarette became visible as the Ranger emerged. He was mid 30's judging by his face, possibly older. He had a strong prominent jaw and solid square cheekbones with windswept black hair and a minor five o'clock shadow. Although he was a Veteran Ranger, he was dressed only in a light vest outfit instead of the full black armor. His revolver was already holstered, although Rome refused to put her's away.

Sterling approached Rome and held out his hand and said, "I'm Sterling, although you probably already read that. I'd like those back now if you don't mind," he spoke with a slight southern accent. Rome was still a few feet away from him, so she tossed the dog tags to him. He slung them around his neck in a way that said he'd been doing it for well over a decade and said from in between his cigarette, "I'd appreciate it if you put away the piece. As you can see," he pointed to his revolver, "I've already done my half of this favor."

Rome really should kill this man, and she knew it. Not only had he taken her bounty, but he was also NCR as far as she knew. But sadly, he wasn't getting on her nerves and she had no urge to murder him just yet. Rome slid her pistol into her holster, "I'm Rome."

Sterling took a drag on his cigarette while raising his eyebrows in surprise, "The Rome? The hell cat from Freeside who gives money to poor kids, kills drug dealers, puts Enclave in the ground, kills muties and Legion like they're cockroaches, and lives with Julie Farkas? Well holy ****."

Rome found it rather disconcerting that she was this above the radar, but was also surprised on how he didn't mention anything that showed her in a negative light. Rome itched her nose and said with an air of surprise, "I had no idea I held such a standing to anyone."

He tossed the cigarette away and walked past Rome, who turned around and walked with him towards the fire. Staring at the burning body of Johnson, Sterling said, "Well you do. Hell I wish I had a pen so you could sign something of mine." Rome stared ahead still, "Sorry, but I don't do autographs." Sterling chuckled, "Well, I know he's burning someplace else right now too." Rome rubbed her forehead and said, "Yeah, sure. Let's get out of this damn cave."

They walked side by side, except to avoid Johnson's many traps. Back in the daylight Rome turned to Sterling, who was squinting in the bright sunlight, "I guess this is where we part ways." Sterling turned and eyed her up and down in a rather non gentlemanly manner before saying, "Yeah I suppose so. Damn it sure is a shame that you're with that Julie girl aint it?" Rome glared at him, but before she knew it he grabbed her ass and pulled her in an attempt at getting a kiss. Rome leaned in towards him, but in the brief moment before their lips touched she whipped out her Baretta and shot him through the side of the head.

Sterling collapsed while blood poured from his head onto the sand. She holstered her pistol while saying, "What a piece of ****." Rome grabbed him by the boots and dragged him into the cave. Back by on-fire-Johnson she took a passage down further which lead to a cesspool filled with animal carcasses, feces and other trash. Figuring this a worthy place of burial she picked him up and tossed him into the muck. Satisfied with her work, Rome left the cave for the last time.
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4 years ago#140
Rome walked through the North Gate to see a crowd forming at the gate of the Fort. Feeling dread in the pit of her stomach she began jogging over, but before she was halfway there someone knocked into her shoulder and made her fall over. Rome looked back immediately, but there was no one around except for the crowd. Up in a flash, she began pushing and shoving her way into her home.
Unfortunately we haven't time to play games. [[NVBM]]
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