What does wild wasteland do?

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6 years ago#1
I dont own the game yet (gotta wait till the 1st) But im watching a guy on youtube play & he picked it. So if you know or have the strategie guide Ide like to know.
6 years ago#2
You get weird event with this trait.( Like a gang of grandmas going after you, aliens, ect)
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6 years ago#3
Gang... of.... grandmas...... Welp Im picking that.
6 years ago#4
HA HA! if thats serious, then im glad i picked it! for some reason i just knew i should pick it...
kinda wondering if i should have not got that trait where my agility is +1 but my limbs get hurt easier..
(my character has a cripld arm and legs and other arm at less than 40% right now)
6 years ago#5
I personally haven't really noticed anything yet that qualifies as "wild".

I do tend to go at a snail's pace though to draw out the fun.
6 years ago#6
Are you watching DSP??
6 years ago#7
I have the CE guide (which is flippin' SWEET BTW) that lists every event that is caused by the Wild Wasteland trait.

The book is at home but if anyone is interested I'll post all of them tomorrow.

a few I remember off the top of my head are.......


The gang of grannies with rolling pins for weapons
A fridge out in the wastelands full of bones w/ an Indiana Jones hat inside
Alien ship landing site w/ aliens
Owen & Barue(sp?) (from Star Wars- Luke's aunt & uncle) dead and burnt up in the wasteslands

stuff like that.

so? should I post a full list for ya guys or what?
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6 years ago#8
sure i'll like to know what to look out for
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6 years ago#9
I'd like a list. I've picked the trait and only encountered three so far:

- The Indiana Jones one right near the beginning.
- Johnny Five-Aces (SA reference)
- Monty Python Life of Brian reference "Romanes eunt domus" scrawled on the side of a wall
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6 years ago#10
Thank You, yes. I chose the perk and I'd be interested in reading the events to expect.
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