I need the NCR quiz answers for the quest G.I Blues

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If someone could post them in order id appreciate it.
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You know how to get on gamefaqs create a login and post on a forum but you can't find these answers on your own?
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Rofl @ you. all of the faqs just say to go and talk to these guys and do not have the answers and i checked the answers section and came up with nothing, i asked for some help politely not a dumbass gamefaqs troll. Seriously get a life holmes, trolling on this site is about as bad as it gets... i'd rather play minesweeper all day than go through one day of your life.
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Here ya go!:

* Question 1 - Who is the most popular NCR President of all time? President Tandi
* Question 2 - What was the original capital of the NCR? Shady Sands
* Question 3 - What animal is on the NCR Flag? Two-Headed Bear

Here's where I found it and a great page to find out lots of good stuff (if you don't already have it)!


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There's also one specific missionary (the one whose quest arrow is near Mick and Ralph's I think) who lets you bypass the test if you pass a speech check (50 IIRC), incidently.