How do you start the Enclave quest(s) and enter the Remnant Bunker?

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Please bear with me, as the thread title isn't my full question.

Now I have Arcade as my companion and have heard that if you enter the remnant bunker entrance whilst Arcade is with you, then you should be able to enter the actual bunker and begin quests for the Enclave.

Well this can't be true as i've tried that and nothing happened at all. I tried speaking to him but no relevant dialogue options appeared.

So i'm wondering how you can enter the remnant bunker and start the Enclave quests please? What do I have to do specifically?

Many thanks to anyone who can help me.
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its all right there
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Arcade's quest begins after you've progressed the main quest line up to a certain point. It will happen on one of these four occasions, depending on which line of quests you pursue and which ending you want:

If you've done certain things while travelling with Arcade to earn his approval:
* You've destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel on behalf of Mr House (Mr House Ending)
* You've replaced Mr House with Yesman by installing Yesman into the mainframe (Wildcard ending)
* You've assassinated or disabled Mr House on behalf of the NCR (NCR ending)

If you haven't done the actions that Arcade approves of, you need to pursue the Wild-card ending and install the Over-ride chip in the substation.

Once you've done one of these, speak with Arcade and he'll give you the names of Five people throughout the Mojave to speak to; each of these has a part of the passcode needed to enter the bunker.
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Thankyou very much. No wonder it wasn't working. I appreciate your time and help.
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