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6 years ago#1
I've looked it up but all the descriptions were very brief. Could someone explain this to me?
6 years ago#2
Fallout 3 had Damage Resistance, that meant a certain % of the damage was negated. Damage Threshold means that a specific amount of damage will be negated. Here's an example: An enemy hits you for 50 points raw damage, the DR of your armor is 50, that means 50% of the 50 points of raw damage is negated leaving you to take 25 points of damage. The way DT play out is like this, enemy does 50 points raw damage, the piece of armor has a DT of 50 points, that means you will receive 0 points of damage. Damage Threshold in the long run will mean you will take less damage throughout the game. Hope that explains it for you TC.
6 years ago#3
^ Good explanation.

To simplify it even more, let's say your armor had a DT of 10. Every attack on your does 10 less damage automatically, on top of your DR%. So if your armor has a DT of 10, and you have a DR of 50%. . .then from an attack of 50, you're taking 20 damage (50-10 = 40 - 50% = 20).

It was like that in Fallout 1 and 2. You had DT on certain armors which reduced energy weapons, fire, explosions, etc, for each type of shot. If you wore power armor, it had very large resistance to energy weaponry, to the point you barely too any damage at all from them.

One thing to keep in mind about it though, is that armors with high DTs will be extremely resistant to bust weapons, since each bullet does lower damage than single-shot weaponry. Miniguns and assault rifles may suffer large damage penalties in New Vegas against heavily armored opponents. Unless they are lumping total damage from one burst together, taking the DT off of that, then dividing the remaining damage amongst the bullets.
6 years ago#4
The only problem w/ what you said Sin is that it doesn't apply in New Vegas, which will have only DT. Great explanation on how Fallout 1 & 2 worked though.
6 years ago#5
Is it confirmed that it will only be DT? The DR/DT system of FO1 and 2 was awesome. Different armors were very important in different situations. It was really interesting. FO1 and 2 also had different DR/DT per weapon type. For example, the telsa armor (if I remember correctly) was great at defending you against energy weapons with a high DR and moderate DT for energy, but it had a low DR and DT for fire based attacks.

Having a straight DT system makes more sense than the DR system of FO3, but it seems kind of flat compared to FO1 and 2's armor system.
6 years ago#6
Yep, unfortunately it is DT only according to J.E. Sawyer himself, although I can understand why they went w/ DT only, it's much better (IMO) then straight DR only like in FO3 but would have been better if it was a DR/DT system like in FO1&2...

6 years ago#7
Oh wow, it's just DT? That's kind of awkward. I guess it makes more realistic sense than straight DR though. Leather and metal should share different stopping qualities after all. I wonder how overpowered they're going to make the power armors this time :X If it's anything like FO2. . .then lol~ Power Armor will = game over.

So metal armors are going to be good against energy again, but average against bullets like before? And combat armors are gonna be good vs bullets but crap vs energy and fire?

Hmm. . .I might've made the wrong choice going for the Mercenary pack then. Oh well, I still get the fast loading grenade launcher and expensive healing items I can always sell off for quick early caps.
6 years ago#8
There hasn't been much of anything released other then damage will be negated through DT instead of DR. In some of the other interviews I've read it sounds like they have really tried balancing armor types, so we will pretty much have a selection of end-game armor, which more I think of it will be easier to pull off w/ DT then DR... We will have to wait and see, but the more I hear, the more I can't wait to get my grubby lil hands on it....
6 years ago#9
Heehee, my thoughts exactly :P And I'm glad the Power Armor isn't just going to be the obvious best thing out there. It's cool when it's easy and all. . .but at the same time, less interesting.

I'm also kind of getting a laugh out of the idea of Raiders and their crappy pistols not doing any damage to me later in the game.
6 years ago#10
I'm w/ you on that Sin, it would be like:

(from Raider 9mm pistol) ping ping ping
(me) HA HA HA You silly little thing. BLAM (from my *insert big gun here*)

The first few times would be hilarious... Oh, have you see the teaser pics of the Enclave FO2 styled armor, that thing looks sweet, I so can hardly wait...
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