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I gave up on my assassin character, stealth gets boring fast. so I just decided on my next character. Anyone have build suggestions for a guy in the Mafia? I was thinking I could use weapons like submachine guns, baseball bats and brass knuckles.
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Not here to flame or anything, but its not as if most of the builds on this game takes an extreme amount of knowledge to build semi well or decent. Some of these doesn't take a rocket scientist make. You can figure out the SPECIAL placement on your own

you pretty much already answered part of your question. If those are the weapons you want to focus on, make a unarmed/melee/gun build with preference towards whichever you think you will use more, which a lot of people would suggest unarmed since love and hate is the unique version of spiked knuckles, closely related to brass knuckles. The tommy gun on this gun (the laser RCW) is an energy weapon though. Its the closest mafia type weapon on the game imo, but it shoots laser beams instead of bullets

Get you some kinda of formal wear, but be aware you will have little to no DT since formal wear offers very little in terms of protection.
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Well, idk about special stats (well, luck should be pretty high I guess), but you'll want guns (mostly for the 9mm pistol and SMG, both fit the build nicely), melee weapons, unarmed and energy weapons (for the Laser RCW, which looks like a Tommy gun) fairly high. A decent speech and barter skill level would be good for the build too.

For weapons, these would probably be pretty nice for the build:

Maria (unique 9mm pistol) or any 9mm pistol
Vance's 9mm SMG
Baseball bat
Straight razor or Switchblade
Sawed off shotgun or hunting shotgun
Laser RCW
brass knuckles
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