Goodsprings Xp / perk cheat

#1MHettenbachPosted 10/1/2011 11:59:13 PM
has anyone checked this cheat with the Addon perks to see which stay after the reset yet?

I do know it still works as I started a new file to test that far, just wondering if the new perks from DM / HH / OWB / LR stick with the reset or not.

the idea of having 50+ perks is sick, but hey, Ive already beat the game legit half a dozen times, this is just for giggles :)
#2CutterDeBlancPosted 10/2/2011 12:24:09 AM
All of the addon perks stay including the level 2 ones from Dead Money. Good for getting Light Touch without wasting a perk slot on it, even if you don't do the XP exploit.
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#3Sin JackalPosted 10/2/2011 8:20:00 AM
The add-on perks definitely stay.

Let me say this though, I would worry more about getting all the perks that have very steep costs (like Slayer's large 7 AGI cost, and Tunnel Runner's massive 8 AGi cost), more than I would about getting a level 2 perk to stick. You could also acquire Animal Friend if you opt for 5 CHR when doing your first set of perks, then once you leave you can drop it back down to 1 like normal, and still have that perk. :D
#4IminyourclosetPosted 10/2/2011 8:30:10 AM
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#5MHettenbach(Topic Creator)Posted 10/2/2011 8:28:19 PM
Iminyourcloset posted...

thats the list I was looking for, I knew I'd seen it before but couldnt seem to find it again, many thanks
#6ChikaraXPosted 10/3/2011 7:51:02 AM
Yeay, the glitch I found is still active *does the monkey* lol Bethesda probably never bothered to fix this because the cheat required to do this takes hours and hours and hours and hours, lol.

But I did hear that it's not working very well now.

Some people stated that things like Strong Back stopped working if you selected it before the character reset. But even though it's still on the list there's no Strong Back bonus. It could be that they do not have the right amount of strength after the reset. It's still working for me.

Also Action Boy/Girl (Never pick these if you intend to change gender) doesn't always seem to work. I've tested this and it does for me though. Also note that if you started as a woman and changed to a man you'd sometimes still be addressed as a woman, lol.
#7MHettenbach(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2011 1:25:19 PM
yeah at 25 xp a pop for the check it takes about 6-8 hours of clicking to do the initial Xp run, Totally worth it tho if you save right afterwards and use that as a base for multiple play throughs :)

not to mention that selling the Leather armors and ammo whenever you need it will net you almost 200k in caps :)
#8Fincky09Posted 10/3/2011 4:47:00 PM
took me 3 hours to get to level 40. x down x down x down x down x down
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#9IminyourclosetPosted 10/3/2011 7:15:47 PM
Can you save in the middle of the glitch? Like, can you do it for a couple of hours to get up to 35 or so, then save and quit, and come back later and continue the glitch up to level 50?

I've never tried it.
"I think all you gotta do is find that little black kid, and doesn't that start the whole backdoor option?" -WHiTE_LickR
#10Fincky09Posted 10/4/2011 9:07:23 AM
yes i'm level 40 but doing the glitch is boring so every time i make a new character i use it to go up 2 levels
A Marine who plays alot of RPG's and SOCOM