What was your first thought when you met your first deathclaw?

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4 years ago#1
Mine was "Ooh, I think my 9mm pistol wants to shoot this" *headshots 5 times*
"guess this ones a tough bastard"
* keeps on headshotting before young deathclaw hits me*
"wait, why do I have only half my health left? I don't remember hurting myself-"
*gets hit again and sees health bar drop to 10 HP
*frantically backpedaling and headshots it with peashooter every 10 seconds and kills it*
"Oh my... What the hell just happened? Did I just face the toughest creature in the game?"
*10 hours later, decide to see what is in Quarry Junction*
"Crap, now I see 2 deathclaws, and HOLY CRAP THEIR RIGHT NEXT TO ME!"
*gets hit twice and dies*
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4 years ago#2
Having played the prior FO games...
"Crap, it's a deathclaw. Yup. I'm boned. Lemme buy a second to think in VATS. Okay... Legs or headshots, legs or headshots? Legs. Bang bang bang. That did jack. Yup, definitely boned. Run awaaaaaaaaay! Holy ****, these things are even faster. Soooo boned. And they JUMP! RUUUUN!"
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4 years ago#3
Me: "Yeah, I could take him"
Me: *runs heroically, guns blazing*
Sub Machine Gun: *PEW PEW PEW*
Deathclaw: *SWIPE SWIPE*
Me: *dead*
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4 years ago#4

"Uh oh, Boone sees something."

"Oh cool, a Deathclaw. This should be some good exp. Here he comes."

*Deathclaw arrives.*

*ED-E dies instantly*

"Wow, haven't seen that happen so fast before."

*Boone dies in the next 3 seconds*

"Oh. My. God."

*Courier dies in the next 5 seconds*


4 years ago#5
A little lizard...yeah come at me bro! Come at m- Heavy: Dead.Not big suprise.
4 years ago#6
I spotted two of them just outside of Quarry Junction and thought I would have two easy kills given how not much of a challenge they were in FO3 and given how just about every other critter I fought up to them went down in mere seconds. So I took my level 10 unarmed/melee character down to confront those two losers all by myself (without even companions) and you don't need to be psychic to figure out what happened next....
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4 years ago#7
Oh, a deathclaw. No worry, me and Arcade can take him... OMG, there are four more charging right at us!
Game over.
4 years ago#8
Spotted 2 of them from a distance with a scoped varmint rifle near Quarry Junction at around level 9

Thought 'all right,business as usual,sneak attack snipe'

Lined up a perfect sneak attack headshot.........had no effect,whatsoever

ploughed two magazines into it,as it closed on me,still did next to nothing

'Ok........................run like hell' straight into Quarry Junction.......

And straight in to a Deathclaw Alpha Male.Three guesses what happened next.
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4 years ago#9
me: exits out of littlehorn and associates at the scrapyard.
in the distance: what is that?
me: oh u've got to be kidding and here i am in the winterized t51b power armor and helmet and i've forgotten to go hidden with the awesome stealth suit i'm carrying.
deathclaw: starts plodding towards me.
me: well good thing i've got my darts on me.
deathclaw: hit by dart gun legs crippled.
me: ok it's legs r shot to hell now to blast it the rest of the way.
short while later: me: man that took more than i thought it would even with the legs crippled.
4 years ago#10
*see's Deathclaw threw scope in the distance"
Me: Why hello there Mr. Lizard
*Aims, fires, Headshot, Sneak Criticle, Deathclaw comes a runnin with 95% hp remaining with 2 more behind him"
Me: Oh...Well fu-*Dies*
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