fastest way to get caps and ammo without gambling or glitching

#1FreeMan5407Posted 4/22/2012 3:45:11 PM
for fallout nv novice or even experience players this can be done pretty much earlier in the game follow these steps:
1) locate novac, novac scrapyard, camp hope and cottonwood cove
2) go to camp hope and use a stron silence weapon or melee/unarmed weapon, you will need some decent points in those skills, sneak attack the no name npc ncr and gather the loot and dogtags, get like 120 dogtags can go to others locations like the mojave outpost but camp hope is the fastest cause they drop 2 tags
3) go to cottonwood and find the big legion guy, and give the dogtags, but dnt give all in one go, just in numbers of 5 and leave the conversation until you get liked then give all in 1 go so you can get idolized
4) travel to novac scrapyard and a disguise legion guy approach to you giving the secret stash location in your pipboy, go to that location and find 10 total boxes
5) wait everyday 3,4 days and travel to that place as long you stay in good term with the legion, is the best way to get large quantity of energy ammo & stealthboys up to 75 and more :)
#2tri sapphirePosted 4/26/2012 3:26:48 AM(edited)
I was actually about to recommend the above method.

Should really stress the importance of reaching Idolized in one go. It's that 5th box you get when Idolized that has the hundreds of energy ammo and multiple stealth boy spawns.

The quest is glitched in that it will only refresh and recheck your reputation once after the initial find. After it refreshes, there's no change to the number of boxes, even if you get yourself Idolized in the meantime. The boxes will still continue to spawn loot every three days though, even without the quest showing up again.

I think the boxes continue to spawn loot even if you gain full infamy as well. At least, it did for me back in July, before the most recent patches.
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