How do I look at my character?

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6 years ago#1
I know you spin the mousewheel to zoom out behind your character but how do I see him from the front? Just found a pair of shades wanted to check them out.
6 years ago#2
Hold f.
6 years ago#3
If you hold down the F key, you can spin the mouse around and see yourself from the front.
6 years ago#4
that or i think you can sit down on something and spin around your character too
6 years ago#5
you ca hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse around
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6 years ago#6
what's the default action for f? I changed all my keys around to esdf to move. easier for me to type in fps games...
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6 years ago#7
Default F is "Change View", where you can switch from first person to third person, over the shoulder cam.
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  3. How do I look at my character?

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