Fallout New Vegas Map (all locations)

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Here is the map with all locations.


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Extremely helpful, thank you.
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wow. That's a lot more than I thought there was. I saw the challenge to find 50 places and I thought that was how many there were.
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Thanks, but the image appears to have been shrunken down a bit to the point where zooming in to read the text is difficult and makes it all quite blurry. I prefer another which may not be as visually detailed but has regular text instead of all being a part of the image: http://www.strengthgamer.com/Fallout__New_Vegas_Maps.html

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Oh wow, I've discovered 185 locations. I'm only missing Legate Camp and one more.
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Haha, I discovered #186. Morning Star Cavern. Legate camp is #187, but I'm not going to play the final quest just yet.
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Wow, thank you so much. I been looking for good map.
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