NCR Armor/Ranger Armor and Helmet console commands

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I was looking for the console commands for the armor and helmet or Beret that the NCR troops wear. Does anyone know what it is ? Or if not, any place where I can find this armor/Beret ?

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#3FurionEXPosted 10/25/2010 9:38:07 AM
For the armor (trench coat over black armor):

player.additem 00129254 1

For the ranger helmet:

player.additem 00145ec5 1

The commands are pretty much the same as Fallout 3.
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OK, now how about getting them legitimately? When and where does one find Rangers with that armor? All the NCR I keep running into are wearing standard clothing. Do I have to reach a certain point in the story, or what?
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I only found one set, that was on Rangers that hunted me down for having bad rep with NCR. One guy in the set, one in NCR power armor, 2 others in NCR combat armor.
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Hmm, I'm Liked by the NCR, so no chance of that happening. I guess I just need to wait and see where I can find a set...
"We are all legends...our only choice is how to end the tale."
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Hey thanks alot for the info, guys.
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They start showing up around level 12-13