Vault 22 - Keely. Where is she???

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6 years ago#1

Ok I have been everyware in the vault 22, I have been in both the caves there only 1 door I cant open in the food processing area think what needa a key, I got the key for the door in pest controll that leades to a cave.

I read she gives you a quest but cant find here anywere, killed everythign there was to kill in vault 22!

Help PLZ!!!! In what lvl is she and where!!!!

6 years ago#2
The arrow led me right to her in the lower caves, SE area if I remember correctly.
6 years ago#3
She is in the lowest cave, with all the Spore Plants. Hiding in a cave on one side.

But yeah, the quest marker should take you right to her.
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6 years ago#4
She doesn't appear to be in the Vault unless you have the quest to find her, so if you're just looking for her randomly, you won't find her.
6 years ago#5

yea I do not have the quest, where do I get a quest? I just found the vault while doing return to sender q.

6 years ago#6

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  3. Vault 22 - Keely. Where is she???

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