Best weapon in the game?

#1crimsonblade02Posted 11/4/2010 12:03:57 PM
Out of every single weapon, I find myself using rifles more than anything, the Anti-Material rifle is the best weapon in the game for me, hands down. Taking Death Claws down with a sneak 1hko head shot from half a mile away is just too good to pass up. I prefer SMGs or Mini gun vs stuff that doesn't have crazy health and armor, the Mini Gun with AP ammo lets me mow down 5 Cazadors without getting hit. I think the modded mini-gun is actually better than the avenger, because it lets you keep 2x more ammo in the magazine, vs 5 Cazadors, that extra 120 rounds in the magazine is life and death. So basically, at end game, I'm either using the Anti-Material rifle, or modded Minigun, if one doesn't work, the other certainly will. The minigun does suck vs super mutants and death claws, even with AP ammo, which is where the Anti-material rifle comes in.

I wasn't impressed with any of the explosives or energy weapons, guns seem to rule in this game
#2pariah23Posted 11/4/2010 12:18:05 PM
"Best" is subjective, but if the criteria is that I could only carry exactly one weapon? I'd say that a carbon fiber sniper rifle with suppressor is the most useful weapon in the vast majority of fights in the game so that's what I'd choose.

Using it makes the game too easy though, so for actually playing for fun rather than trying to trivialize every single encounter from a mile away, my favorite is the Ranger Sequoia with a Cowboy build.
#3SobaNoodlesPosted 11/4/2010 12:29:55 PM
Anti-material Rifle and Maria.
#4QuaixPosted 11/4/2010 12:34:47 PM
That depends on how you define "best". From what I understand the AMR is good for sneak attacks. For closer distances you want to switch to a different weapon.

If that's how you use it then the unique gauss rifle is superior as it does more damage.

IMO the most versatile weapon in the game is the Gobi sniper rifle. It works well for long, medium and short range. With the right build it's the only weapon you'll ever need.
#5pariah23Posted 11/4/2010 12:40:55 PM
I'll never understand why some people think that a small amount of firing speed/AP is worth giving up several points of damage and a suppressor. Gobi is strictly inferior to the modded sniper.

And it's just plain ugly too. :P
#6d00mforgePosted 11/4/2010 1:00:18 PM
Gobi is strictly superior to everything.

Modded sniper is only better for SNIPING since it's silent.

Gobi has 1/2 AP cost of regular sniper per shot. Also much higher rate of fire. You can dominate with it in vats and non-vats. I only carry modified sniper rifle so I can sneak attack silently.

Keep in mind however that there are caves and buildings where sneak attacks are too hard to perform (enemies looking in your direction when entering room -> no sneak hits). That's where you draw Gobi and kill everything.
#7d00mforgePosted 11/4/2010 1:01:58 PM
And it's not "small amount". It's literally 100% more attacks in VATS and 156% attack speed of regular sniper rifle, lol.
#8d00mforgePosted 11/4/2010 1:04:45 PM
Aww, stupid typo. I meant 10% not 156% lol. The attack speed bonus isn't that big, but it has 50% VATS ap cost per shot.
#9TMRavenPosted 11/4/2010 1:05:51 PM
Plasma caster, as far as best overall is concerned.

Best potential critical sneak damage? The unique gauss rifle and anti-material rifle.

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#10joemamasanPosted 11/4/2010 1:06:27 PM
All American and This Machine are both pretty sweet. Both have great power + firing speed.