Tips on a Energy/Explosive/Science RPG build

#1ElrondBRPosted 12/3/2010 10:51:15 AM

After playing the game with a sniper build (quite easy) I want to create a hardcore build. I try to respect RPGing so this player will be a scientist that learns how to handle energy and explosives to protect himself, but is not particularly aggressive. He handles things peacifully when possible but his communication skills are not very good. He likes to wander by himself and rarely depends on people. He outsmarts his foes whenever possible (mines, terrain advantage, etc).

The build intends to be a mix between the Heavy Weapons and the Laser Gunner builds from GameRadar (, using both explosives and energy weapons. Because he is a scientist, I would like to keep science as a tag skill even though having repair could be more useful overall.

So i'm thinking of going for:

Strength: 6 Perception: 7 Endurance: 6 Charisma: 3 Intelligence: 8 Agility: 5 Luck: 5

Traits: Four Eyes, Wild Wasteland (or Small frame)

Tag Skills: Energy, Explosives, Science

Companions: ed-E and Arcade Gannon

Perks: Educated, Rapid Reload, Comprehension, Vigilant Recycler, Toughness, Demolition Expert, Tag! Repair or Survival, Meltdown, Laser Commander

Play styl3: throw a few explosives and then finish off with energy weapon while avoiding to get hit. Increase repair and survival skills quickly to make life easier. Increase speech to reasonable level.


Main doubts: what perks whould I get? I listed a few that have to do with the build but I'm not sure if that's optimized. Also not sure about SPECIAL, will I need a higher STR for some weapons? Do I need more luck (not going for crits).

Also for companion, would Raul be better than Gannon?


#2jk2lPosted 12/3/2010 11:31:01 AM
i will replace Tag with Pyromaniac, flamer is nice :D I use it against melee

melee: flamer
close range: pistal/laser RCW
long range: Gauss rifle
#3ElrondBR(Topic Creator)Posted 12/3/2010 1:06:38 PM

Yeah forgot about Pyro, but I intend to get it :)