Are there any tattoo mods?

#1kluspsPosted 1/28/2011 10:30:29 PM
I want like a badass dragon tattoo for my character. So far every tattoo mod I've found are for females only for some reason. I don't mean to sound ignorant by asking this, but is it really that hard to make tattoos for both genders once you already designed a mod specifically for females?
#2Dasim64Posted 1/28/2011 11:53:36 PM

There's a dragon tattoo mod on the Nexus - Just type tattoo in the search bar there and it's the first one that comes up. Can't link it here due to mature content. Even though it shows it on a female, he says it may be usable for either. You'd have to follow his instructions to create a unique race in order to apply it. Also one of the main reasons most are for females is that there are more nude female mods and more clothing options for those mods. You need a nude mod to see this tatoo. And unless you want them running around buck naked all the time you need some clothing options that offer seperation between pants and shirts. Otherwise when you take off your clothing all you see is the underwear shirt instead of the tatoo. For males you could install the breezes or roberts mod which I also can't link here due to mature content. That will allow you to remove the shirt and show the tattoo off on the chest or back. Unfortunately armor choices for the male conversions are extremely limited at this point. Hope you can work it out to your liking. Modding for NV is just taking off. In a year or so there will be more options.