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6 years ago#1
Wondering if anyone knows of a list where I can find the stimpack item number? I'm playing on hardcore, just trying to get a little edge since they only work over time.

Thanks if you have a link for this item.
6 years ago#2
Not sure but if you were to do the console command for stimpaks, would that stop you getting the hardcore completion achievement? I thought console commmands did this...
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6 years ago#3
Nope, you just activate the CC save the game, then restart.

Achievements been working fine after I've done that.

Sadly.... before I even activated the CC, there are certain achievements that didn't even unlock legitamitly (spelling) like getting my 1st companion. It just never worked....

Steam is horrible with this game's achievments anyway. I'm really just doing hardcore mode for the challengs of it.
6 years ago#4

No one knows of a website with the Item list for Fallout NV?
6 years ago#5 if its not there look it up in the GECK
6 years ago#6
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6 years ago#7
The base ID is equal to the ID used in Fallout 3.

base id: 00015169
6 years ago#8
00015169 is the code for stimpacks.

This site shows the codes for items
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