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Lily doesn't wear armor?!

#1noru18Posted 11/5/2010 7:46:16 AM

I threw her a power armor(and later, any type of armor), but she didn't put on it.

Kind of disappointed because I though she'd make great companion with my sneak-based character.

She's really awesome in combat!

#2Cutlass_JackPosted 11/5/2010 7:50:20 AM
Lily isn't human. She can't wear human sized clothing/armor. So you'd better get used to how she looks.
#3noru18(Topic Creator)Posted 11/5/2010 7:51:59 AM

How do I know her DT/Damage?

#4bronzecannonPosted 11/5/2010 7:51:59 AM
She's a muscle tank, clothes would just slow her down.
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#5Cutlass_JackPosted 11/5/2010 8:01:27 AM
Lily has the same DT as all Super Mutants (A natural 15 DT). Her weapon damage is based on whatever you give her to use. You can change her weapons, but probably wont use everything due to her race. Stick to two handed melee stuff and you should be good.