The console commande to raise skill points doesn't seem to work.

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Hey, I missed the "Educated" perk early on and therefore missed out on alot of the skill points I could have gotten with it. I tried using the console command "modpcs" to modify this back to what it would have been if I had taken this perk when it was first offered. However, the console command does not appear to work. I type in, lets say "Modpcs Science 40". However, it doesn't change the skill point value for that attribute. What gives here?
#2Rogue_Leader_X(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2010 11:09:42 PM
Hmmmm I tried another one, player.modav and that seems to actually work
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If you use any console commands and don't want to miss any achievements, be sure to save and restart your game after entering the command. Anytime a console command is entered, acheivements are immediately disabled for that play session. I learned that the hard way.

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The one listed in the cheat section works fine. I think it's player.setav (skill) #.

And yeah, save and reload. I also learned about achievements the hard way (though it's nice getting them in my legit playthrough).

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It's still annoying having to reload the game after using the console for TCL because I fell through a rock or got stuck behind something though.
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I prefer "player.forceav XXX YYY"

It'll force the command and not add to it like modav does

Personal favorite when I want to avoide traveling back and fourth while searching for goodies "player.forceav carryweight 1000000"

Nothing like being able to carry around a million pounds of weight containing 100 suits of power armor. lol

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