A way to change npc's race

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6 years ago#1
I know there is already a way to change a npc's gender but I am wondering if there is a way I can cange their race and face around as well. getting a little bored so i wanted to mess around with that.
6 years ago#2
open console type

make a clean save before doing so just in case

tested in game it works you may not be able to see character during the editing though just able to change specific race It brings up the plastic surgery window like in the beginning
6 years ago#3
Everytime I do that it changes my characters settings not the npc.
6 years ago#4
oh duh you mean the game players - not your Character - you have to do that in GECK
6 years ago#5
How do i access the geck?
6 years ago#6
G.E.C.K. is a freeware game editor software via bethsoft.com
You need the 'fallout New Vegas' edition It requires you make a 'MOD' to alter things like you say
To my knowledge virtually everybodies race can be altered except Children, which in this game are limited to Caucasian Or they are when I attempted to mod them to other races.
It's not a quick thing to do but rather simple. When installing it make sure to click the help feature how to use it and be sure all GECK files are placed in same primary directory as fallout NV launch files
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