Saving Dean Domino with cheats help

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5 years ago#1
I want to save dean but screwed up the initial conversation. Fortunately I may have found a solution via the fallout wiki but cannot get the console command to work.

<Set "01001302".nDeanAttitude to 1>

I know the ref id is different in my game but can't seem to get the code to work.

Help please!
5 years ago#2
I did the same misstake with Dean Domino so I tried this just to see what he said while friendly and managed to get this console code to work.

First, the reference code you use is the right one except for the first 2 digits. To find out those two digits you need to reload an earlier save when you are with Dean, enter console mode and click on dean with the mouse cursor. This should give you a new ID string....and I used the first two from that one along with xx001302 with the XX being the digits you need to switch out.

For me, for example, the new Ref ID became 03001302.

Those two first digits has something to do with in which order mods and add-ons are loaded and thus decides what digits any reference ID belonging to a mod and add-on starts with.

Hope this helps
5 years ago#3
I already knew how to get the correct ref id my request was regarding the rest of the console command but I thank you for your response; I'm sure it will be helpful for others.

I found a solution to my problem

Hope this helps others! :)
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  3. Saving Dean Domino with cheats help

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