For those who use guns: which weapons do you keep and how do you handle ammo?

#1minimarkPosted 4/16/2012 8:21:24 PM
I played a melee character in Fallout 3 so I decided to play my new vegas character with guns. I have a bunch of guns taking up weight in my inventory, and I quickly run out of ammo.

So for those of you who do use guns then how do you decide which ones to keep on your person, to store, and just to sell? Also how do you keep a constant supply of ammo?
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#2HHerbyPosted 4/16/2012 8:32:08 PM
It is good to invest caps & time to learn how to craft & use the other types of ammo. ( i.e armor piercing rounds, hollow point rounds, ect.... )

Strength requirement needs to be matched. Otherwise you will not be able to use certain weapons worth crap.

If you have more than 1 of the same weapons, repairing it to be kept in good condition is helpful too. And it also helps to keep current weight down. If you looted a good weapon and want to keep it later, store it at your home site of your choice.

Plan ahead on what perks and / or traits augment weapons under the Guns category as well.

Finally, please check this website for all your Fallout: New Vegas needs.
#3KroguysPosted 4/16/2012 11:55:49 PM
Rifles are the best imo, handgun are for role playing. Once I get my hands on a brush gun, that's it. Everything else is vendor trash. Get the WMX mod so you can put a scope on the brush gun! Only other gun I would keep is the named sniper rifle for it's silencer ability.

I buy/make ammo pretty much right from the start. My repair skill is usually higher than guns. Once you reach 70 repair and gotten the Handloader perk, you can make better ammo. More damage means less ammo spent for kills and more exploding head shots.
#4red255Posted 4/17/2012 3:01:02 AM
Not sure why people like the brush gun, I consider it vendor trash. you want a scoped weapon with a silencer for sniping, you want a burst mode weapon for things that swarm with no DT like Cazadores and nightstalkers, and you want a light moderately effective common ammo gun for stuff that just gets in your way.
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#5KroguysPosted 4/17/2012 11:09:15 AM
Ammo is a none issue by the time I get a brush gun. I shoot molerats with a brush gun without a second thought. No need to carry extra weapons/ammo(dead weight).

As for the effectiveness of the brush gun, it is just a tool. End results can be completely different depending on the user.
#6red255Posted 4/17/2012 12:39:18 PM(edited)
I just don't like a gun that loads its rounds individually, otherwise I'd use lucky.

Though I guess if I could get a supply of hollow point rounds the gun would be rather deadly.

But I'm doing project nevada with the autogauss rifle, which is horribly over powered.
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.
#7derp420Posted 4/17/2012 1:06:39 PM
High strength is key for using guns. You'll need at least 8, or 10 if you want to use the heavy weapons like miniguns and rocket launchers. My usual strategy is to start it at 6, get the implant and wear power armor to get it to 8, and take the Weapon Handling perk. To make it easier to carry the guns you want, Strong Back is of course very useful, and if you've got Dead Money the Heavyweight perk will cut the weight of weapons over 10 pounds in half. As for ammo, Scrounger is a useful perk, as are the ones relating to reloading benches. If you're playing hardcore Packrat will cut all your ammo weight in half, especially useful with the AMR.
#8red255Posted 4/17/2012 1:26:01 PM
....cutting weapon weight in half perk only makes sense if you were carrying 100 lbs of guns over the cut in half limit.

weapon handling only makes sense if you are unwilling to eat drugs or anything radiated.

otherwise bighorn steaks and beer give you +6 STR right there
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.
#9MC_BatCommanderPosted 4/27/2012 4:35:31 PM
I usually carry enough guns to fill out various roles like long range, close range, stealth, etc. Then sell all the rest. Ammo can be purchased from merchants.
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#10IqarP15Posted 4/28/2012 8:25:31 AM
or just use a increase weight allowed cheat and then you don't have to worry about walking back to base.