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4 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm not an expert in all things modding, but I do know enough that mods can conflict with each other and read that with New Vegas there's a specific "load order" to the mods that lets them work.

So I used the FMM, tried that and it failed, then I googled around and found BOSS which found most of the mods but unfortunately didn't recognize a few patches for some mods and a radio station mod in 5 parts due to tons of songs, so I was a little hesitant when I tired launching with the basic NVSE (I don't have the 4 GB version, not sure if it'll help since I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on a 32-bit system). (And yes I did install EVE and NVEC manually as suggested)

So, as expected it crashed and I'm wondering what's wrong with the load order, or if I have too many mods (very good possibility) and if so which mods can I weed out to make the rest mesh well. Thanks for the help, and the pictures is my load order. Also if you know of any more content mods (pretty sure there's enough overhauling in here XD) that won't blow up anything that'd be great too because I really don't know how much stuff A world of pain adds.
4 years ago#2
First, perk every level isn't needed since you can configure Project Nevada-Rebalance to do the same thing. Second, I think Project Nevada has a compatability patch for the DLC. Third, I'm not even sure if Project Nevada and FOOK are compatable, since I kind of got the feeling they're trying to do similar things.

If all else fails, install one mod at a time (starting with Project Nevada and Fook together) Until it crashes. That will narrow down the issue to the mod you just installed and one of the mods installed before it, which you can test each individually.
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4 years ago#3
Thanks for the tip bout the perk mod.

As for FOOk and Nevada it said on FOOK they were compatible, but I guess trail and error works fine too. Thanks!
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