Multiplayer Lag?

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5 years ago#1
I recently played a multiplayer match with 2 friends (3 people total) and we experienced some really slow gameplay. It couldn't have been connection latency, as we were all sitting on/around the same couch playing Adhoc mode.

I understood the sluggishness on the map Marine Base, since that map is giant and with multiple players it might be hard for the PSP to render effectively in real time. However, the game just felt like it was on slow-motion the whole time. It was faster on maps like parking garage and structure, but it still didn't feel 100%.

Is it better with just 2 players? Are armored core SLP and LRP any less laggy?

I know these boards are slow, so thanks in advance for any insights you can provide! :)
What do you mean Facebook's not a game? Why can I play it on my 360 then?
5 years ago#2
More recently I played a game of AC3P with a friend over adhoc party, when he was complaining that his internet was particularly slow that day. From this experience I'm able to draw an entirely different conclusion for the cause of the MP lag.

Unlike many games, AC3P makes it so if the connection is slow, the game actually runs slower. Instead of keeping the gameplay smooth, and having your opponent stammeringly teleport around the map like happens in many PC and console games, the gameplay slows down to match the connection speed. This is what makes the slow-motion effect.

Now, the ultimate test I need to take to come to a full conclusion regarding AC3P's MP performance, is to play a match in person with a friend in both small and large arenas. If the game plays at full speed in a 1 vs. 1 match on both small and large arenas, then the lag issue cannot be attributed to the PSP's hardware struggling to render the games graphical assets.

Until this test occurs, I will assume that the 3 player match was laggy because the 3 PSPs were having a hard time sending that much wireless data amongst them. Also, until I test this further, the lag could be caused by a combination of connection latency and hardware performance. I will update here once I finish the test.

tl;dr version

I thought the lag in AC3P's MP was caused by PSP's graphical assets not it's wireless assets, now I'm not so sure. I'll do some more testing and get back to y'all.
What do you mean Facebook's not a game? Why can I play it on my 360 then?

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