Cash Shop Prices Kill Allods and Milk N.A. Players

#1Jaga_TelesinPosted 2/19/2010 9:14:31 PM

Open Beta for Allods started recently, and not too far after they opened up their Cash Shop - a place to spend real world cash for items that according to GPotatoe, won't alter the balance of gameplay.

Of course, the pricing in the Cash Shop is so outrageous, that over 95% of the players posting on the forums responded negatively. Who wouldn't, after all it amounted to (for example), PvP costing $1.35 per hour to play. The alternative was a 50 minute "break" every time you died in PvP with a level 40 char - you simply had to sit on the sidelines and wait out your death penalty.

It is my personal opinion at this point, having seen many MMOs come and go, that Allods is destined for obscurity and will die a rather horrible death in the near future.. IF they leave Cash Shop prices as they are. Their latest update on it just tonight indicated there was no mistake with the pricing, and they will continue to monitor it. i.e. - they want to make as much as possible, and won't lower items unless they absolutely have to.

This all might sound fine, but when you see what is for sale, and the prices on it all (not to mention that the Russion based servers pay 1/20th as much), it really is hard to swallow.

Hit the Allods forums on GPotatoe for more information on it. It really is a scandalous outrage in the world of MMO gaming.

#2Squall_1134Posted 2/20/2010 8:40:20 AM
I've decided to quit and most likely not return even if the cash shop prices are fixed. After reading the bs responses to the cash shop and FoD, I have no desire to support or a play a game driven by such a pathetic company.

First off, they said that they weren't going to add anything in the cash shop that would give an unfair advantage but they clearly lied. Then, after people made countless posts, protesting FoD and perfumes, nothing was changed in the slightest. Now, the cash shop crap..

They tell us to send them e-mails and post our opinions about what we think should be changed but they don't really give a crap. They've only made a total of two statements regarding the cs and FoD complaints, which didn't say anything other than.. "Oh, you don't like this? We'll continue to look into the situation. Continue to send us an e-mails about your complaints." When 96% of your player base has a problem with something, you should probably, I dunno, change it. Not say that you're going to see how things go.

If these two huge issues can't even be resolved with such backlash of the community, then I have no faith that anything from the slightest bugs to customer support will be handled decently.

The CS prices are pretty insane and especially the $20 bag. Not only is it too expensive but in a few weeks, they will probably release a bigger bag, then continually release bigger bags, not reducing the price if you already bought a previous one.

I wasn't going to spend massive amounts of money on the game to begin with but I was willing to part with a few bucks here and there for bags/bank slots and maybe upwards of $10 or so a month if necessary. Though anything above that, I'd rather just reactivate my WoW account or find a nice P2P game than spend more than that on a partially completed, buggy, greed driven game.
#3giocarePosted 2/20/2010 10:52:20 AM
I was prepared to spend money in the CS until I saw those prices. I think someone said it would cost over 6,000 dollars to create a level 10 rune, LOL. I will keep playing because even the free part of the game is fun, I'll only quit if they make CS items an absolute requirement to do anything.
#4KenshinnokPosted 2/20/2010 11:56:18 AM
The Allods team would be horribly foolish to not cut the prices down before open beta is over.

They need to realize that the cheaper things become, the more they'll actually sell. If they were to just cut prices by like 50-75%, they'd get more than double/triple the purchases most likely.

Heck, I'd probably spend a good chunk of money on the cash shop myself if the prices were lowered.

20 bucks for 6 extra inventory slots is just plain ridiculous.

And their reply to all of this is a bit sad... basically saying, "Sorry you guys think the prices are a bit outrageous, but we're gonna add more items to it soon. Plus, remember you can get all this stuff in game, or trade these items in-game!"


Chances are that they'll eventually cave in and reduce prices significantly.
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Does FoD affect just PvP play ? How about wiping out in raids or instances ? Do you have the wait penalty there too ?
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#7Squall_1134Posted 2/20/2010 7:49:56 PM
Yea, it affects PvP. When you die, you'll get debuffed for 45mins unless you use a perfume to get rid of it or you already have one on (lasts 30 mins). You pretty much need perfumes on all the time during PvP because they give you a significant HP boost among other things.

It affects PvE just as bad. The most recent Russian patch has made it so that when you are resurrected by another player, it will cause FoD. Before the patch it didn't. So this means everyone in a raid will need perfumes on entire the entire time.

Of course you can get perfumes from quests (1 per char per day @ lvl 15+) or buy them from the AH (probably for a crap load of gold though) and save them up for raids and not spend a dime. Though, those are ridiculous solutions to such a stupid game mechanic that shouldn't even be in the game to begin with.
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Ha and those Russians call us Capitalist Pigs!! LOL
#9VasDeferensPosted 2/22/2010 2:48:27 PM
Well, Chairman Khrushchev did tell us " We will bury you ! ". He just forgot to mention that we'll be buried with overpriced item mall stuff.
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Read the froum idiots, they are changing it