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6 years ago#1
The videos are starting to trickle in :)

Montreal on hard difficulty, 720p @ 4:24:

Barcelona Lotus Onboard, 360p @ 3:56:

Monaco, 480p @ 2:30: (longer)

Onstage with Adrian Sutil(German), gameplay starts at 1:54(Spa), 720p @ 5:40: (video only at 1080p)

Adrian Sutil playing Monza between interview, 720p @ 7:49, gameplay 1:56-6:32:

Silverstone, 480p @ 0:46:

Not sure which track, 480p @ 1:06:
6 years ago#2
Nice. Can't wait.
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6 years ago#3
Oh ya, that last video is from Catalunya (Barcelona) same track is video #2.
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6 years ago#4
Barcelona lap with complete pitstop at the end, 360p @ 2:07:

Barcelona wet, 360p @ 1:23:
6 years ago#5
Valencia onboard [Gamescom], 360p @ 4:00:

Silverstone with expert difficulty and no damage, 720p @ 2:15:
6 years ago#6
Monza with rain, 720p @ 2:54:
6 years ago#7
Autódromo José Carlos Pace(Brazil) offscreen gameplay, 1080p @ 2:03:
6 years ago#8
Ferrari cockpit-view in Hungary, 720p @ 3:57:

Notice the computer at the start shows the real world lap record, the practice, qualifying, and race weather conditions, and the number of laps(for practice) at 70.
6 years ago#9
the only vid ive seen which i really enjoyed so far is the one with sutil driving. Not that the other ones werent good but in that one i really felt like i was just watching an onboard lap with sutil.

all the other vids were average joes not hitting apexes and not knoing where the breaking points are.
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6 years ago#10
F1 2010 Game vs F1 Real Rain Monza

Hockenheimring(Germany), poor quality, skip to 1:35 for gameplay:
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