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User Info: Mr_adviser

7 years ago#1
here's a list:

Leo - 1+2+3 - gun shot in the air
Zafina - f+2+3 - attacks with a scimitar
Miguel - 1+2+3 - fires a gun
Bob - 1+4 - releases birds from a customisable hat
Jin - u+1+2 - red laserbeam
Kazuya - u+1+2 - yellow laserbeam similar to Devil / Angel
Heihachi - 1+2+3 - lightning generation
Nina - 1+2+4 - attacks upward with a scalpel
Anna - 1+3 - kicks off shoes
Armor King - f+2+3 - wooden bat attack
Jack-6 - 1+2+3 - cannon attack
Asuka - d+1+2 - paper-fan attack
Lili - d+1+2 - new headress throw that makes attack the opponent with her bottom her and wave childishly
Bryan - 2+3 - wields shotgun
Dragunov - 1+2+3 - throws a grenade
Feng - d/f+1+2, qcf+1+2, etc - head butt attack causes afterglow
Bruce - 2+3+4 - plants chicks
King - d/b+1+2 - Octopus hold (replaces figure 4)
Paul - D - long hair / growth
Christie / Eddy - 1+2+4 - dances
Law - 1+4, 1_2 - wields nunchaku
Yoshimitsu - 1+2+4 - poison breath 3x
Xiaoyu - b+2+3 - face scratch throw wearing cat mittens
Raven - 1+2+3 - smoke bomb
Lei - 2+3 - has a handgun
Baek - 1+2+3 - throws a bomb
Hwoarang - 1+2+3 - kicks a soccer ball
Kuma - 2+3+4 - fish slap
Panda - 2+3+4 - rolls a bowling ball
Julia - 1+2+4 - plants a seedling
Devil Jin - 1+2 (in mid-air, etc) - new beam with different colour
Roger Jr. - 2+3+4 - fish summoning dance (produces 5 levitating, bubble-blowing clownfish; note: also blows bubbles every second)
Steve - 1+3+4 - taunt
Ganryu - d/b+1+2,1+2 - breaths fire
Marduk - f+2+3 - blue spike-bat
Lee - 1+2+3 - throws a rose

Does this work on your T6 PSP people? Mine does.

User Info: luckytintinnz

7 years ago#2
Not the complete list. This is probably the best one atm, copy and paste from a topic on the 360 board.

*All male characters can use Sledgehammer-b+1+2+4
*All female characters can use Naginata-b+1+2+4

Alisa Bosconovitch
Battle Torso u+1+2 taunt (head vanishes & re-appears)

Anna Williams
Bazooka 1+3+4 fires bazooka
Nurse Legwear 1+4 attack with shoe

Armor King
Empty Bottle 2+3+4 attack with bottle *!
Studded Bat f+2+3 attack with bat

Asuka Kazama
Sacred Bow 1+2+3 shoots arrow
Giant Paper Fan u/f+1+2 attack with fan

Baek Doo San
Formal Vest 1+2+4 taunt (drinks tea cup)
Beret 1+2+3 throws bomb *!

Chef's Hat
Top Hat 1+4 taunt (release pigieons from hat)

Bruce Irvin
Down Vest 1+2+3 taunt attack (slam dunk basketball)
Mohawk(red) 2+3+4 taunt (plants chicks by feet)

Bryan Fury 20mm
Vulcan 2+3+4 shoots enemies *!
Shotgun 2+3 fires shotgun

Christie Monteiro
Reggae Bikini 1+3+4 taunt attack (spikes volleyball)
Samba Feather 1+2+4 taunt (dances)

Craig Marduk
Gridiron Helmet 1+3+4 taunt attack (throws football)
Ogres Club f+2+3 attacks with club *!

Devil Jin
Demonic Sword 1+2+3 attack with sword *!
Transformed Face 1+2 replaces old beam with new beam

Eddy Gordo
Ethnic Headband 1+3+4 taunt attack (kicks soccerball)
any Soulful Item 1+2+4 taunt (disco dance) *only Soulful Afro come with disco lights

Feng Wei
Ruyi Jirgu Gang 2+3+4 extends pole to attack
Monk Head d/f+1+2, qcf+1+2, etc taunt (head glows after attack)

Ganryu Fresh
Sea Bream 1+2+3 attack with bream
Kabuki Makeup d/b+1+2,1+2 breathes fire *!

Heihachi Mishima
Tiger Coat f,f+1+2 throw (spanks bottom) *replaces head-butt throw
Thunder God Drums 1+2+3 taunt attack (generates lightning/must be close) *!

Baseball Bat (RFS_LFS) 1+2 attack with bat
Feathered Hair 1+2+3 kicks a soccer ball

Hyper Exhaust hold1+2+4 self-destruct (damages self also) *!
Jack Cannons 1+2+3 fires cannon

User Info: luckytintinnz

7 years ago#3
Jin Kazama
Mishima War Sabre 1+2+3 attack with sabre *!
Devil Face u+1+2 fire laserbeam (while P2 in air)

Julia Chang
Face Paint 1+2+4 plants a seedling
Huge Glasses D,d/f,d,d/f+1+2 throw-P2 gets stuck in ground (throw must K.O.)

Kazuya Mishima
Combat Jacket FC,d/f,d/d/f+1+2 thow (aims gun at P2 head))
Neo Sunglasses u+1+2 shoots laser beam (similar 2 devil/angel TK2) *!

Rucha Mask face up/on floor 1+2 taunt (bridges back,spring to feet)
Short Trunks db+1+2 throw (replaces figure 4)

Ballet Tutu 1+2+3 taunt attack (ballet spins) *!
TOKISHIRA-Z 2+3+4 throws a salmon

Lars Alexandersson
Submachine Gun 2+3+4 shoots gun

Lee Chaolan
Rapier b+1+4 attacks with rapier *!
Red Rose 1+2+3 taunt (throws rose)

Lei Wulong
Leather Jacket f,f+1+2 throw-handcuffs P2 (throw must K.O.)
Police Suit 2+3 shoots gun (while P2 in air) *!

Mace f+1+2+3 attack with mace
Musket 1+2+3 shoots musket (while P2 in air)

Lili Rochefort
Devilish Shorts d+1+2,d+1+2 taunt attack (send out penguins)
Headdress db+1+2 throw

Ling Xiaoyu
Magical Wand b+1+4 shoots magic (P2 head changes to Panda)
Cat Punch b+2+3 throw

Marshall Law
Chest Scar 1+3~b throw
Legend Nunchaku 1+4,any input attack with nunchacku *!

Miguel Caballero
Rojo Flamenco Guitar 2+3+4 attack with guitar
Pistol 1+2+3 attack with revolver

Exhaust Pipes Works only in rage mode
Butterflies Works only in rage mode

Nina Williams
Bazooka 1+3+4
Nurse's Outfit 2+3+4 attack with scalpels

Panda Oanda
Tutu 1+2+3 taunt attack (spins w/leg extended)
Oversized Sunglasses 2+3+4 attack with bowling bowl

Paul Phoenix
Dojo Sign 1+2+3 attack with sign
Growing Head D hair extends (hold D to extend farther)

Raven Cross
Shuriken 1+2+4 attack with shurikens
Ninja Bottom 1+2+3 taunt (throws smoke bomb at feet)

Roger Jr
Riding Hood 2+4~b throw
Snorkling 2+3+4 taunt (blow clown fish shaped bubbles)

Sergei Dragunov
Tactical Goggles, face down d+1+2,d+2 shoots rifle (Sniper Rifle)
Tear Gas 1+2+3 taunt (throws tear gas)
Scythe b+1+3+4

Steve Fox
Huge Gloves b+2+3 taunt attack (comic glove extends)
Regent Rocker Style 1+3+4 taunt

Wang Jinrei
Summoner's Wand 1+2+3 shoots magic
Kyonshi Hat 1+2,1+2,1+2... jumps

HO-1 Body 2+3+4 taunt (tosses gold)
Spirit Pistol 1+2+4 attack with poison from hand 3x *!

Bastet Hands f+1+4 attack with daggers
Scimitar f+2+3 attack with scimitar *!

User Info: FionaGureden

7 years ago#4
uhm... no katana ?

User Info: fishdrop

7 years ago#5
for lei i cant find leather jacket o.o
do i have to unlock it?

User Info: SirusRiddler

7 years ago#6
I can tell you from experience that Dragunov cannot do anything with the Scythe. It's just there for show.
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User Info: XanderKage

7 years ago#7

I have a shorter list:

User Info: The_DARK_FoX

7 years ago#8
Sticky Requested.
PSN: ChaosxPaladin

User Info: whitebloodbshop

7 years ago#9
im so confused X_x
i just got the game so idk what the b+1+blah blah someone wanna tell me X+x

User Info: XanderKage

7 years ago#10

On the Tekken Zaibatsu there a button labeled "Legend". It's got all the info you need. In a shorter version:

1 = Square, 2 = Triangle, 3 = X, 4 = O

b = back, f = forward, d = down, u = up

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