charater scroll combination

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User Info: yemsols

7 years ago#1
K from my understanding combining your scrolls to lvl 9 should total 27000ryo no matter how you math it but i have a scroll thats lvl9 and is only 15000ryo, another thats lvl 9 and 21000ryo,and 2 that are lvl 9 and 24000ryo. Im just wondering if any1 found somthing similar and knows if theres some kinda secret way to upgrading scrolls to lvl9 for a lesser price as it saves ryo

User Info: shuyin418

7 years ago#2
If you found say a level 5 scroll and a level 4 scroll whilst playing, combining those two would only cost 6000 ryo (3000 each) this is because the potential cost and actual ryo cost goes up with each combination however before a combination they all cost the same regardless of level.
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User Info: Codenametbw

7 years ago#3
yeah your gonna need level 5 scrolls

User Info: yemsols

7 years ago#4
oh i c i c. i was wondering how the hell that happened but i guess getting high level scrolls is rare so i didnt notice whn i got 1. thanks for the info!

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