Blur 2?

#1MajinVegetaGT87Posted 1/15/2011 10:04:25 PM

Does anyone know if Activision & PEGI 12 are ever going to collaborate and again and come out with another Blur, because idk about the rest of you but this HANDS-DOWN my favorite racing game next to NFS:MW and I would be one of the first people to pre-order if they decided to make another one.

#2The_SchoolistPosted 1/17/2011 5:54:49 AM
I don't see it happening. Also, in other news, this is the 1000th topic of the Blur message boards! CONGRATULATIONS!
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#3JeannieMeaniePosted 1/24/2011 7:54:01 AM
PEGI 12 is a ratings board for European games. They had NOTHING to do with the creation of Blur (or any game for that matter) other than to say its okay for those 12 and older to play.

Activision was the publisher (and owner) of Bizarre Creations, the development team behind BLUR. Activision tried to sell BC last year, announced it could not find a buyer, and began the process of closing down the studio last week.

So in short, no, there won't be a Blur 2.

And that really sucks for us Blur fans and the 200 people that just lost their jobs.
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