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User Info: metroidtamer

7 years ago#1
Come one, come all, let the GFAQS users band together against the zed onslaught. post your steam id and your fav/mmain perk, along with a bit of playstyle. Ultimately, my goal is to have this topic filled by all of the players here organized y perk, so if someone needs a certain perk etc to blance out a planed team, you can pick from the roster. Also, I really want to add people of varying skills because it's fun, and it's not fun when i'm the only one on my steamslist online that has kf

steam id: zero299
Most of my perks save demo and zerk are lvl 5/6, so I can fill in any role for a game. just friend me then invite me to the fray guys.


User Info: terry12312

7 years ago#2
^what else would one expect?^

main perks is medic(level 1 >_>)since I really want to grind some medic for good on and offline times.
all my other perks cept commando are level 3, nearly 4. only problem is that I have a rather defensive playstyle regardless of what perk I play as. that means that I could be any perk yet run around healing everyone.
[T] : lol medic...

User Info: izeke13

7 years ago#3
Mines 11ismoots

I'm mostly a medic, level 3, and i'm usually just running around healing everyone to help the team survive, but when times are tough, i pull out the hunting shotgun for ftw's and lawl's.

User Info: pizzaman95

7 years ago#4
Steam ID: pizzaman95

Main perks are Support and Sharpshooter.
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User Info: LilFuniAZNBoi

7 years ago#5
id funiaznboi

lvl 6 on all perks. yes I had this game when it comes out, and No its not only me who plays on my account, so yeah, thats like 4 hours a day.

User Info: Surprise_Cactus

7 years ago#6

Lvl 5 flamer, also been playing since it came out (and the mod) but I didn't dedicate that much time but I'm starting to play a lot again.
Cactus Fantastico comes w/ Extra surprise now.
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