Xbox 360 Controller?

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7 years ago#1
Can you use an xbox 360 contoller with this game?
7 years ago#2
There's no crosshair, and only iron sight. You shouldn't use a controller...
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7 years ago#3
yeah but i dont like keyboard so i guess I'll go with the controller.
7 years ago#4
So can this game use a 360 controller?
7 years ago#5
I'd like to know as well if this game has gamepad support as well...
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7 years ago#6
You could probably use something like xpadder to map commands to a gamepad.

Might try it later, using a gamepad is a bit more leisurely, but not ideal for shooting games.
7 years ago#7
Just did it, works fine. Can map all the important buttons to a ps2 controller.

Little weird to get used to admittedly. Have to play with the sensitivity.
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